Chapter 34

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I quickly walked over to him and grabbed the stick from his hands. With terrified eyes I looked down at the results. A second later, the object fell to the floor with a soft thud.

Two lines.

"Are you pregnant?" he asked again but I didn't respond, neither did I look at him. I was too shocked and was held in a temporary state of paralysis.

I think he took my non-verbal response as a yes and prodded further. "Is it mine?"

In less than three seconds, my hand jerked up from my side and whipped across his gorgeous face. He hadn't expected it, I could tell but I was quite enraged by his nonsensical question. Why the hell would he be asking me that?

"Fuck you," I spat at his turned face. "Why the fuck would you ask me that bullshit? It's not like I've been leading a lewd kind of lifestyle like you have!" I added in a slightly high pitch.

Bryce turned his face to look back at me. Long gone was the blank expression and now in its place sat a bewildered one. "Did you just slap me?" he questioned with incredulity.

A humorless chuckle erupted from my lips. "Yes, and I'll do it again so choose your damn words wisely. Do you not remember how we made love well into the night about a month ago? Did you forget that? Did you use protection?" I fired angrily at his stupid face. My hand was still tingly from the smack I'd graced him with.

"I thought you would be on the pill-"

I cut him off. "Why would you assume that? Do you think I'm always looking for some action? I'm not you Bryce," I scoffed and then crossed my arms on my chest.

He seemed hurt by my remark. "I didn't say that-"

I then cut him off yet again. "Well, you sure do sound like you thought it. You're like the only man I've ever been intimate with, dammit. Yes, I'm pregnant and yes, it's your baby."

"Well, shit. This wasn't supposed to happen," he said bluntly and totally disregarding my feelings. Hearing him say that made me want to kick his teeth in but I held my composure. After all, I didn't want to wake Israel up.

I exhaled deeply. "So, what are going to do? Do you want it?" I asked bravely despite the fear of his response that was gnawing at me.

"Of course, I do," he said and then made his way over to me. "I want you as well."

I was at loss for words. I didn't even know how to react so I just stood there dumbfounded, looking into his mesmerizing orbs. They held not hint of dishonesty, but sincerity and something else I was too perplexed to notice.

"I know that I implied that night meant nothing to me, but Aubrey I lied. I was just angry and hurt by the fact you didn't want me to defend you against Hunter. That night was probably the best night I've had with a long time, being with the woman I love."

My heart beat spiked. "Wh-at?"

He smiled and moved closer to me so that our faces were only inches apart. "I love you, actually, I never stopped loving you. I know I made you think otherwise but that was just me being a jerk. I know I hurt you so many times and a dumb apology isn't going to fix much," he said and then knelt down in front of me. At this point I was hyperventilating. "Aubrey, I don't want to live without you. If I'm being honest the last couple of weeks have been hell for me. I missed you terribly. I did want to see you but I was just too afraid."

"Afraid of what?"

He gulped and then continued. "Afraid you wouldn't take me back after the shit I said to you. And you were right to leave me, I was a lousy husband and I just wasn't good enough for you."

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