Chapter 6

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Third Person's P.O.V

When Aubrey walked into the elevator, the two men's gazes fell from her glorious behind and to each other. The tension was thick and could be cut by a knife.

"What are you doing here, Logan?" spat Bryce, rather rudely.

Logan and Bryce were not particularly friends. In fact, their relationship could be described as a rocky one.

Logan smirked. "Good to see you too, old friend. Why don't you invite me into your office and we can talk."

Bryce could already feel his blood pressure steadily rising. Whenever this man showed up in his life, it usually meant trouble.

Without a word, Bryce turned and stalked back into his office with Logan in tow. As he took his seat behind his desk, Logan shut the door and also took a seat.

"So, tell me again what you are doing here?" Bryce voiced in a deadpan tone.

Logan sighed. "Don't worry, Roberts. I mean no harm actually. So, have you rethought my offer?"

A few months ago, Logan had come up with the absurd notion that he could weasel his way into Constructex by buying a few shares. Logan was from a wealthy family and had just inherited his father's empire which had its hands in practically every aspect of business, be it construction, shipping, telecommunications etc. The Hunter Cooperation also had a bad reputation for buying shares in large companies and then later on usurping them from the original owners.

Bryce was more than just reluctant to sell shares to Logan. He had worked too damn hard to get his construction company where it was and he wasn't about to let some spoiled rich kid take that away from him.

Bryce directed his attention to his laptop on his desk. "You know what, I actually have. And do you know what my answer is?" he said, in fake amazement.

Logan's smirk grew wider. "You accept? Great, I knew-"

"Hell no," he cut him off. "Fuck you and your insane offer. Now get the hell out of my office before I call security on your pompous ass."

A red tint, both of anger and embarrassment, slowly crawled up Logan's face. He was beyond livid. Bryce was just far too stubborn. He was surely one of the biggest assholes he had ever met.

"I see I just wasted my time coming here." Logan stood up abruptly and turned to leave. "Although, I glad I got to see that sexy P.A of yours. She's got a fine ass,” he remarked with a smirk.

That comment hit a nerve. Bryce's gaze went from his laptop to Logan within a nanosecond.

"What did you say?" he barked, his heart beat beginning to spike with fury.

"Where have you been hiding her, Roberts? She must be really special of you if you fired that Tatiana chick for her. But I understand, Aubrey is a bombshell. I mean did you see her a-"

Logan didn't get to finish his sentence because not a moment later, Bryce was in front of him, holding him roughly by the collar.

"Don't you dare say another word, Hunter, or I swear I will-,"

Logan practically laughed in his face. "Or you will what? Beat me? Kick me out? Go on ahead, but too bad I've already seen that piece of eye candy and now I just decided I want her between my sheets." he smiled mockingly.

Bryce was about to take a swing at him when the door burst open and in strolled Aubrey, freshened up and with two steaming hot mugs of coffee. She did, however, almost drop them when her eyes landed on the spectacle before her.

"Am I interrupting something?" she asked, genuinely concerned.

Both men looked at her, both speechless at the moment.


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