Chapter 10

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Third Person's P.O.V

The rest of the car ride was very silent. The only sound that could be heard was the car's engine revving and their erratic breaths, due to their wild tempers.

Aubrey kept her gaze fixated on the surroundings that kept wheezing by. Her eyes were breamed with unshed tears and she did not want Bryce to see her in that state.

Just when I thought we were getting somewhere, she thought bitterly.

Bryce, on the other hand, was nothing short of infuriated.

How dare she question my love life? He himself, thought bitterly as well.

From the day he had met Aubrey once again, he felt like his life had become a great burden. He kept on making hasty decisions, that he wasn't even sure of were right.

And that's why he hated her.

She brought out the worst in him, and he did the same to her. Even with their nuptials tossed aside, the bickering hadn't stopped.

Maybe if she hadn't crashed right into his life again he would have been fine...

Yeah right!

Even though he wouldn't admit it overtly, seeing her again had caused a stir in the depth of his soul. An undying physical need for her because if he was being honest here, she was still undeniably ravishing. With her long dark locks that graced her delicate stawberry face, her porcelain skin, those mesmerizing hazel eyes and that not to mention absolutely delectable ass-

Stop! He chided himself, because he could feel his lower region becoming a little bit too excited.

He knew he shouldn't be having those crazy thoughts, thoughts that will awaken his inner beast and tempt him to stop the car and take her right there and then...

What they had was buried in the past and it would most certainly not happen again. That was an oath he made to himself.

She isn't worth it. After all, she broke your heart and completely disregarded holy matrimony.

Before he knew it, Bryce was pulling up to the entrance of El Fonci's. He killed the engine and hopped out. Once out, he debated on whether to open the door for Aubrey or not, but decided on the latter. She could most certainly do it for herself.

"Chivalry is totally dead, I guess." Aubrey grunted below her breath, grabbing her purse and exiting the vehicle.

Bryce handed the valet his keys. However, before they could enter the esteemed establishment, the valet's flirtatious look aimed towards Aubrey did not go unnoticed by both parties.

Aubrey blushed because the valet was quite handsome, but not quite as handsome as Bryce.

"Are you from Tennessee, because you're the only Ten I See," he said, then sent her a wink.

Aubrey laughed at his extremely corny pick up line. She was about to reply when,

"You are here to work, not to play love games Miss Whitlock." Bryce said calmy, but his glare was enough to make a lion wet itself.

Aubrey rolled her eyes, then they both proceeded into the building. The interior design was exquisite and elegant. By the looks of it, it seemed like it was a French themed restaurant and it just screamed 'pricey'.

They went towards the hostess. "Good morning, sir. Do you have a reservation?" She purred seductively, announcing every word eloquently and shamelessly giving Bryce the glad eye.

Bryce gave her one of his show stopping smiles. "Yes. It's under Roberts."

The hostess scanned the papers infront of her and then looked back up at him. "Yes, welcome Mr Roberts. Let me show you to your table." She grinned, and then lead them.

All the while, Aubrey felt like a tag along. She felt belittled, for the second time that day, and angry as well. Firstly, Bryce Moody Pants was back and now that damned hostess was acting like she was invisible.

She came to an immediate stop to a table overlooking the Hudson River. "Here is your table, sir." She gestured towards it.

Bryce took his seat and Aubrey was about to follow suit but the hostess stopped her. "I'm sorry, who let you in? Do you have a reservation?" She snapped, rather curtly.

"Don't worry, she's with me." Bryce replied, and immediately the hostess's attention was back to him.

"Oh," she said dejectedly, as Aubrey took the seat next to Bryce. "Well, a waiter will be with you shortly. If you need me, I'll be by the entrance." She voiced sweetly and left, but not before sending Aubrey a look full of resent. And Aubrey didn't miss the way the hostess was sashaying her rather flat buttocks.

"Talk about desperation." She snorted.

"It's nothing new. Women find me attractive and by all means try to get my attention."

Aubrey turned sideways and gave Bryce a blank face. "Yes, because you are God's gift to women, right? So charming, so appealing and oh so magnetising." She fired sarcastically at him.

He laughed richly and Aubrey could feel butterflies erupting in her stomach. Why did she find every single thing he did attractive?

Bryce was about to give her a sharp retort, when a man approached their table.

"Mr Roberts." He announced, sending him a friendly smile.

"Mr Henderson." He smiled back, standing up and extending his hand for a shake.

"I'm the one who called for this meeting yet you came earlier than me." He joked, taking his hand and giving it a firm shake. He then took a seat opposite them.

Aubrey just eyed the man in front of her.  He definitely looked wealthy, but not in an obnoxious way like others. He wasn't in his prime anymore, maybe in his forties. His salt and pepper hair was a give away.

Their eyes locked. "Who is this beautiful young lady?" He acquired, giving her a warm smile. He had a certain air of friendliness to him.

"She's just my P.A, Aubrey Whitlock." Bryce intervened, not allowing her to speak, and man did it infuriate her slightly. "Why don't we order and get straight to business, Mr Henderson."

And from then onwards, Aubrey was completely unincluded in their conversation. She didn't think too much about it, she was just there to take notes after all. But when Bryce didn't bother to ask what she wanted to eat and just ordered for her instead, shit hit the fan.


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