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I groaned as I slowly crawled out of bed. I had made it a habit to always get up right after my alarm... not like I had a choice back then. I quickly made my way towards the bathroom, preparing myself for the day ahead. It has been a year since I was rescued from that horrible place, but every time I look into the mirror I remember it all over again. The pain. The stone walls. The suffocating darkness.

I quickly brushed through my H/C hair, making sure to brush out every knot I could find. Today I planned on heading out with my best friend, Ochaco. Ochaco-chan and I have been friends for about ten months now, and I couldn't ask for anyone better. Swiftly tossing on the outfit which I had laid out the night prior, I exited my room and made my way downstairs towards the kitchen. It was 7:32 in the morning and Mom had yet to wake up. What should we have for breakfast? I made my way towards the cabinet and spotted some pancake mix. This'll do just fine. I immediately got to work, mixing the ingredients together to make a nice, creamy batter. I carefully poured the batter onto the pan and repeated three more times. I heard my mom's door creak open, shortly followed by the sound of footsteps heading down the stairs.

"Good morning, Y/N! Are you making pancakes?!" she exclaimed.
"What else would I be making?" I asked with a laugh.
"But I'm your mom! It's my job to make sure you're well-fed, not the other way around!"

I let out a light laugh at my mom's statement. Although she wasn't there for most of my life, it felt as though she had been there by my side through all my pain and hardships. I placed the pancakes on plates and set them on the table, two each. Immediately after sitting down, we ate, feeling satisfied as we placed our empty dishes in the sink. Before I could begin to wash them, Mom got to work, saying it was her turn to get some chores done for once. 

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I met up with my brown-haired bestie at the nearest train station. We had planned to do some light training today, seeing as the UA entrance exams were merely a few months away.
"You know, my mom would gladly recommend you to join UA," I said, looking towards the brunette.
"I know, but I want to prove that I deserve to be there!" she replied, raising her fist into the air with a confident grin.
"Alright, alright," I said, giggling at her silly gesture, "I'm sure you'll do great! I'll be watching, cheering you on the entire time!"
"Pfft, of course you will! You're always there for me the same way I will always be there for you!"

We decided to stop by our favorite place to talk. It was a cute cafe with a cozy atmosphere. We each ordered our drinks and went to sit by a large window. It had a nice view of the busy street with a villain which appeared to be made of slime wrecking the pla- Wait. My eyes shot open in realization. I turned towards Ochaco-chan, but it seemed like she noticed too. Her drink began to float out of her hand. We didn't know quite what to do until I received a call from Mom.

"Y/N!" My mom yelled through the phone.
"If you're trying to tell me about the giant DIY slime project gone wrong, then there's no need."
"The pros over there may need some help, my hands are currently tied with a different situation and apparently the villain is holding some kid hostage."
"I'm on it," I said, shoving my stuff in my pockets and grabbing Ochaco-chan by the wrist.

As we ran towards the commotion we saw a blonde teenager who appeared to be around our age struggling in the sludge.

"Make sure no one approaches the villain," I said, looking towards the brunette. Ochaco gave a determined nod and went to work keeping the onlookers in check. I stepped out of the crowd, slowly approaching the villain. Kamui Woods noticed me and informed me of the situation. I nodded my head in understanding. At this rate, the poor kid will suffocate. I need to do something. Fast. Just then, another teenager, roughly my age as well charged out of the crowd.


Kacchan? Is that the name of that explosive guy trapped in the sludge? No time to think.

I yelled at the boy who had reached the villain and attempted to start... scratching it? Maybe he thought he could tear it apart. Acting on instinct, I activated my quirk, a pink aura enveloping me. I created petals everywhere around the area. Quickly, I teleported to a petal next to the green-haired boy. Grabbing him by the arm, I teleported both of us back, away from the villain. In a matter of seconds, I was back next to the villain, contemplating my next step. All I needed to do was make contact with the angry porcupine. I formed a long staff with my petals and charged at the villain. Jabbing the pole into the ground, I launched myself towards the boy. The moment my fingers grazed his cheek, I managed to teleport the both of us out of the scene. I looked towards the boy, a smile on my face.

"Are you alright?" I asked, checking for any obvious injuries. The boy glared down at me, a "tch" escaping from his lips before he was surrounded by heroes who praised him for his bravery. Turning around, I searched for the greenette. My eyes scanned the area until I finally spotted him. My eyes widened as I spotted Uncle Toshi. He was in his muscular state, scolding the poor boy. Seeing as he appeared safe, I realized the villain was gone. Aww, I wanted to practice my quirk some more today. Sighing, I turned to find Ochaco-chan in the crowd until I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. It was a text from Ochaco-chan.

Best Girl Ochaco:
Sry I left in a rush,
I used my quirk too much
when trying to lift a car

Flower Queen:
It's alright! Get better soon,
you need to be more
careful with that quirk of yours

Best Girl Ochaco:
Don't worry about it!
I'll be fine after some rest!

Flower Queen:
Alright, be careful tho
There might be a few more
villains around

Sighing, I turned in the direction of home, admiring the beautiful sky. The sun had begun to set as I walked. Taking my keys out of my pocket, I stepped inside the two-story house, making sure to properly lock the door behind me.

"Hey Y/N!"
"Hey, Mom! So who's cooking dinner tonight?"
"I'm ordering pizza."
"We really should stop eating pizza every night," I said, laughing.

Okay, so the first chapter is done. Not quite sure how I feel about it considering it is my very first time writing one of these. But hey! You gotta start somewhere!


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