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I am seriously so fucking mad about the fact that people are still commenting things like; "HER nAmE iS lOgAn???!1?1!!?"

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I am seriously so fucking mad about the fact that people are still commenting things like; "HER nAmE iS lOgAn???!1?1!!?"

Please stop reading my story if u don't like a girl with a unisex name bc I'm done with comments like that. Girls(like myself, yes) who have a unisex name rock ty ttyl xx

GOOD NEWS, I'm back bitches!!

- robin

𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘱𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘵𝘺 𝘰𝘯𝘦  | "fuck yes."
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His hands roamed around her body in desperate need to try to touch every inch of her warm skin. Heavy breathing filled the quiet room, their chests touching as they slowly but passionately made out.

Luke sighed deeply, "Fuck," He breathed, eyeing her up and down before letting his thumbs trace the cups of her silky white bralette, the one he had bought for her several days ago.

The brunette looked down at him with love filled eyes, her hands resting in his soft and curly hair. "You should really do something, Luke," She breathed, delicately pulling him closer to her, hands moving from his hair to his neck.

"Oh should I?" He grinned widely, hooking his thumbs around the straps of her bralette, looking up to meet her intent gaze, "Why, should I then, princess? Tell me."

She blinked slowly, feeling how his hand was traveling to her back to unclasp the white material. She inhaled deeply before tightly closing her eyes and re-opening them seconds later, only to come in contact with Luke's teasing gaze. "You're really fucking annoying, you know that?"

A scoff fell from his pink lips, the color of them one or two shades deeper than normal because of the heavy kissing sessions they had before ending up in the bedroom, ready to take things further than they had ever been.

"You know that if you have a naughty mouth I will only get more annoying," He told her seriously, finally unclasping the bralette with one hand.

She intently watched him as he did this, feeling how goosebumps arose onto her entire body. The way his eyes kept ahold of her every movement as he traced his hands to her shoulders, slipping down the tiny bands of her bra before throwing it onto the floor next to the bed.

He looked up to find her eyes already looking at him, her small hands clasping together behind his head. Their heavy breathing was the only sound noticed in the quiet room as they found each other again by moving closer and making out.

While doing so, Luke's hands trailed down to her waist before he sat up quickly without breaking the intense kiss. With his girlfriend on his lap, he felt how their bodies brushed together with every movement, a shaky breath falling from his lips in between the make out.

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