Chapter 2

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Gia held the soft bunny, tightly as Fortune held her hand and led her somewhere. She didn’t know where she was going, but she was scared. She complied with all the orders they gave her.  In this dimly lit laboratory nothing but the machines meets her first gaze. There is no movement and no odour of any kind. There are lights, but like the stars in a night sky they do little to lift the blackness, showing only the activity of the hardware - plasma screens of gigantic proportions with text that's too far away to make sense of. Though She was inside, the feeling was more of being in a high tech cave the size of a stadium, black metallic roof above, black metallic floor below. Every footfall echoes around, not loudly, but enough to give away my position to anyone who happens to be concealed in here. The laboratory was as quiet and cold as a morgue. Even the great machines lay silent. A thin film of dust lay on everything. On inspection he found that even the computer had been formatted and the filing cabinets were empty. But curiously some of the personal effects of the scientists had been left carelessly lying around, like they'd left in a hurry and somehow not thought to take their cellphones and bags. It was eerie. What had happened to them?Gia looked around as they stopped to talk to the doctors that came forward. Fortune sat her down on a chair, “Gia, don’t worry. These beltz are going to keep you safe.” he said, his heavy accent prominent. He took the bunny from her hands and her lips quivered. She held out her hands as her eyes watered, “Oh no, no, little girl. You must stay calm.” Fortune said.

“I want mommy. I want to go home.” she said, softly.

Fortune looked at her, surprised, since this was the first time she had spoken. He kneeled in front of her, “I’m sorry. Your home, is gone. We will take care of you.” he replied. Gia rubbed her eyes as the water started flowing. Fortune felt his heart break. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but he had no choice. He was loyal to HYDRA.

“Mommy?” she asked, rubbing her eyes.

He dropped his head, “She is in a better place, now. Your father too.” he answered.

“Why these… belts?” she asked.

“They will help you.” he answered. She looked at him, her lips frowning. She reminded him of his own daughter. He pushed her raven locks behind her ear, “I will be here.” he assured her. She looked at him and tried to smile. He wiped her tears away and held her arms.

The doctors took the opportunity to quickly sedate her. She fell asleep and they strapped her to the chair. Fortune stroked her head, “Now, little one. Don’t be afraid.” he whispered.

The doctors looked to one another, “She’s a science experiment. Why do you care?” one asked.

“She is human.” Fortune said


Everything was hurting. She didn’t know why. She fluttered her eyes open but she couldn’t see anything. It was like she was blind. She started panicking. Her breathing became fast and rapid. Finally her vision returned, but everything looked blue. Why did everything look blue? She saw Strucker coming her way and she started hassling against the straps. His hands were clasped behind his back. He bent down to get a better look at her. “She iz a strong one.” he said.

“Indeed.” she heard a familiar voice say. She calmed down once Fortune was in her eyesight. Strucker noticed this.

“She is comfortable around you?” he asked.

“Yes, sir.” Fortune answered.

“Good. Try not to get attached Agent Fortune.”

Fortune gulped, “Yes, Sir.”

Strucker walked away and checked the girl's eyes. He smiled when he saw a blue layer over them. “Take her to 234 B. She fits with the telekinetics.”

The wheels of the stretcher rattled across the dark hallways. Her vision had started coming back to her. Everything had started to look fine. Except the fact that she was still scared. She still couldn’t believe her parents were gone. She was old enough to understand that much. She gave up trying.

The belts were taken off of her. Fortune kneeled in front of her and gave her her soft bunny. He put out his hand and surprisingly, she took it. She held his hand and walked to wherever he was taking her. She saw many small rooms. There were a number of children in those rooms. Some of the children were hideous. Monsters. Some of them looked old, and frial. She didn’t know why but some children were sleeping in their rooms. They were so sound asleep that not a single sound woke them up. Finally, they stood in front of a cell. She was smart enough to understand that, this was where they were going to keep her. But she didn’t look so afraid anymore. She saw another little girl, quite similar to her age, and a boy. The cell door hissed open and they stepped inside.

Fortune knelt in front of her one more time, “This is where you will stay, little one. Don’t worry. I will come back.” he said. She smiled. She watched him leave and the cell door closed. She turned around and both the boy and the girl were looking at her. She hugged the bunny tightly so that hid her face. The girl smiled. Gia released her grip on the bunny and gave her a smile as well.

The girl stood up and so did the boy. “Hello.” she said, softly.

“Hello.” Gia replied with a weak smile.

They both looked just as frazzled her.
“My name is Wanda.” she said.

“I’m Gia.”

“I’m Pietro.” the boy said. “We’re twins.” he added, a little excitement shown in his voice. There was a long pause of silence.

“Nice bunny” Wanda said.

“Thanks.” Gia answered. She held him out and Wanda’s face lit up.

“They didn’t give us a bunny.” Pietro said. Gia chuckled. All three of them sat on the one cot in the cell. They talked about the bunny’s soft ears and the cute black dots as the eyes.
None of them knew what was coming. They were all children. Innocent. The Maximoff’s had nowhere to go, so they had volunteered. But what about Gia?

She did have a home.

But now it was gone.

Gia does have a home. At least she did. What will happen to her?

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