Chapter 5

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Gia’ s POV

I was getting irritated by now. I didn’t know why they had to keep me in this cell, strapped to a chair. It was bringing back bad memories from years ago, that I had worked so hard to forget. My straps were digging into my skin causing it to turn red. I tried to free myself until I realized that I had to use my powers. I didn’t want to. But I could see that Wanda was here. HOw was she here? It had been so long since I had seen her last. I didn’t even know if she was alive or dead. But instead of feeling relieved that she was here, I felt somewhat angry. Angry, because she had left me behind that day. If she had taken me with her, I would be standing with her right now. Not in these straps. “Who are you calling sister?” I hissed at her. She was taken aback with my words; as if she didn't expect it.

She came closer to the clear cell, “You’ve changed.” she whispered.

“I had to fend for myself.” I replied.

“I’m sorry. For leaving you behind that day.” she paused and looked at the short man, with flat, pad like thing in his hand. “May I go inside?” she asked him. I kept looking back and forth between them.

“No. She’s too dangerous.” he replied

“She’s strapped to a chair.”

“Kid. I cannot let you in until she tells me why she’s in New York.”

I rolled my eyes, “What do you even mean? I was running away from everything in Sokovia. I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

“Gia. We know. You’ve been on our radar, ever since the… incident.” Wanda explained.

“Incident? What incident?” I asked

“You don’t know?”


“Did you not see the news? The flying city?”

“Flying what?” I asked, my eyebrows hitting the ceiling.

Wanda pressed her hands on the glass, “Gia,” she paused, “How long ago did you run away from Strucker?”

I looked at her, my heart beating terribly fast, “After you left me in the cell, the roof collapsed. I took everything and I ran out. I didn’t kill Strucker. I just ran away, got on a bus and ran away.” I said in a haste.
Wanda dropped her head and sighed, “Well. After you left, maybe days after. There were robots destroying the city. People were dying. I helped him first until I saw that he was going to destroy the planet.” she explained.

“I thought you died in Sokovia.”

“Wh-Why would you think that?” I asked

“Because… Pietro did.”

My heart fell. Pietro… dead? I dropped my head and tried to grasp the thought. Wanda was alive but Pietro wasn’t. It was like heart broken into two pieces. “How?” I asked, monotonously.

She was hurt by my tone, “He saved Barton. Took bullets for him.” she said. I could see the tears prominent in her eyes. I heard soft tapping of nails in the background.

I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at the man, “Are you serious?” he whispered.

He rolled his eyes, “Look. I’m sorry. But I really need to know why you’re here.”

I knew why I was there. Even though I was looking for something else, I knew exactly why I was there. I huffed in response.

“Are you going to cooperate?” he asked. I rolled my eyes in response. “Fine.” he scoffed, “But I’m not untying you. You do that yourself.” He pointed towards my situation and left, leaving Wanda behind.

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