Chapter 28

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They were happy. Never had the two of them thought they would find such a connection. The people around them were happy for them too. Both of them wondered what they had done to deserve the other. Loki wasn't too surprised if his little Dove had gone for the righteous Captain. He was from her own realm, he was honest and had never done anything wrong. She was a victim of an overly ambitious Midgardian. He was a neglected Prince, who never thought that he would be given the right respect as the son of his adopted father. They were so different yet so similar. They had worked so great together; both in a relationship and on the battlefield. SHIELD was sending the team on more missions now that Gia had completely healed. Loki didn't like it when Fury sent her on a mission without him. Fury had a good reason for that. Loki would be more cautious about protecting Gia, than actually focusing on the mission. Gia would have to divert her focus to see if her doofus was getting himself killed in order to dave her. It was supposed to be a deadly mission, that one time, and the team had to yell at the couple to stop bickering about the safety of the other. "You heard them, Trickster. Let me do my job. You do yours." Gia instructed.

Loki grunted, letting another HYDRA agent fall to the ground, "I am, Dove. I don't know why your companions keep worrying." He slowly backed away as he watched the Hulk kept running into guards and smashing their small bunkers.

"MAYBE because I almost got shot because you too busy gawking at your girlfriend." Clint replied, releasing another arrow. Loki and Gia both chuckled to themselves.

"You know what? Leave the two alone. Focus on the hoard of canons pointing your way." Steve said. Suddenly there was a mix of red, violet and green smolders hovering across the bunker, which soon exploded into thin air. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Wanda, Gia and Loki retorted at the same time. "That was me." they all added. They heard a roar as Hulk ran through the remains of the bunker. "Never mind." they added.

"Yeah, Yeah. You're all great. Rebenok? A little help here?" Natasha said, grunting against the HYDRA agent pinning her down against the neck. Gia's eyes glowed as she lifted herself into the air and landed right beside Natasha. The guard turned his masked face slowly towards her. Gia smirked as she levitated the agent and threw him into ice water beside the exploded bunker. She turned around and offered a hand to Natasha. "Well then. Let's not piss you off."

"You know you got that right." Gia smirked as she levitated into the air again. Natasha shook her head, "Don't know how you do it, Reindeer Games." she said, running towards another agent.

"With patience," Loki paused for moment, smirking at the sight of Gia landing on her feet and levitating another HYDRA agent to an ice cold bath, "And a lot of admiration." his eyes showed a glint of mischief. He was glad nobody saw that.

"Aww thanks, babe." Gia replied, looking straight at him. His eyes widened as an agent gripped her waist. He teleported beside her, knocking the agent square in the head. She turned around quickly and powered her way through the incoming soldiers. "Seriously. Thanks." she said.

"Hey guys, someone wanna rescue those SHIELD engineers trapped in the basement? We can do the lovey- dovey stuff later. Over a glass of scotch." Sam said, flying above the group of heroes.

"Well said, Sam." steve agreed, bashing another HYDRA soldier with his shield. "Well said."

Gia rolled her eyes, "I'm on it. Wanda! You wanna help out real quick?"

"Sure!" The scarlet witch replied. She looked like she was having a hard time against a soldier and his trapper gun. "I'll help you make the cookies! Why are you asking that question like that. Sometimes-" she paused, pushing the soldier into the river. She let out a sigh. "You worry me, Sestra."

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