Chapter 24

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Loki's POV

She was doing alright. I had expected, and wanted, her to stay in bed for a few days longer. But she wouldn't listen. She would threaten me that she would use her powers on me. She would need help getting up to her feet. She still wouldn't let anyone touch her bruised arm. Except for Stark; he was running some tests on it. I asked her why she wouldn't let ME touch her arm but she answered with, "They used to sterilize the scalpels with a poison. It wouldn't harm me or Wanda since we have these powers. But I don't know what it would do to humans or Asgardians." she chuckled. Gia has been all I've been thinking about. We hadn't told everyone what we... were... but it was mostly because we didn't know ourselves. But I knew this. When she looked at me it was as if every ounce of breath was taken from my lungs floating into the air like midnight smoke. She wasn't afraid of me. For once, someone liked to rely on me. She had made me forget that every part of me was just an illusion to cover up my secrets. She liked me for me. And I couldn't thank her more for that. She would spend some of her day in Stark's lab, but she got better. She didn't need support to walk. We soon returned to our usual routine of reading in Stark's library. We would get one book and she would sit beside me on the lounge and rest her head on my shoulder. She would turn the pages when she would finish reading the pages. I would just look at her face, memorizing every line. Her beautiful hazel-eyes wandered over the words and it would just make me smile. Since we were still figuring out what we were, we would still act as companions in front of the Avengers. I was less hostile towards the Captain now. He knew, obviously, what was going on between me and Gia. It had been three months since Gia had been captured. It was almost an year since she came into my life. She had changed it for good.

When the avengers would leave for missions, she felt left out. Her arm was completely healed by now, leaving me to wonder how she healed so fast. But I was glad. Fury still wouldn't let her go on missions, but had a few small missions for me here and there. Thor had told me the things Gia would tell him about me. I knew it was wrong of him to betray her trust that way, but he was helping. I knew how to make her happy. She wasn't sappy or needy like all these midgardian women. But she still adored it when I would ask her for a dance spontaneously. She had changed. From the silly midgardian girl, who couldn't read a situation to a wise, young woman. And I was falling hard for her. Although I would never admit it to anyone but her. We were lying on the tower roof, one night, our fingers intertwined. She sat in between my legs, leaning against my chest, in my embrace, "Why do you like me, Trickster?" she asked.

I kissed her temple, "Because you're the only one in my life who I can trust."

She chuckled, "What about Thor? He's your brother."

"Yes. He can be trusted if you bribe him with his favorite Midgardian treats."

"Oh Loki," she laughed, "I hope you know how much you mean to me." she paused and turned to face me. The night sky disappeared in her eyes, "Would you like to go out on a date with me? An official one."

"A date? As in start courting? Tell the Avengers we're courting ?" I asked, confused. Why in the nine realms would she want to be seen with me?

Her eyes widened. She looked frazzled, "I mean- we don't have to- I just thought- because we're--"

"Dove," I held her face between my hands. Her face was so small. "I would love to. But- Aren't you scared? What would people think? You, courting a murderer like me."

"If you won't forget all the things you did under mind control, then let's not forget all the crimes I committed while I WASN'T under anyone's control..." she paused dropping her head. She looked back up, "And I don't care what other people think, as long as it's the ones that make us happy."

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