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Daughter of T'challa Udaku by CapA_2000
Daughter of T'challa Udakuby CapA_2000
This story will take place from the movie Black Panther, Infinity War, and Endgame and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.
Akela (Avengers x wolf) by flickpriehs20
Akela (Avengers x wolf)by Felicity priehs
Akela is a 4 year old white wolf with golden eyes she has been caged her entire life and experimented on by hydra. One day she manages to escape the hell hole she's call...
Sorry, Wrong Number Kid (Avengers) by NadiaRomanoff
Sorry, Wrong Number Kid (Avengers)by Nadia
Not an ordinary wrong person story ------ Elvira Mitrea may seem like a regular teenage girl but she is so much more than what shows on the outside Growing up in un-plea...
Marvel and DC Imagines by Owl_fandom17
Marvel and DC Imaginesby emotionally unstable
A lot of heartbreak... And a few fluff. Comments make my day. Hope you enjoy reading! Thanks for reading!! [#27 in fan fiction 3/9/17]
The Unknown Stark | Avengers Fanfiction by ohlookitsnolan
The Unknown Stark | Avengers Nygma
Marcus Rapp the unknown son of the great tony Stark who ruined his life. Sold to Hydra by his mother and escaped 16 years later. He turned into the Mercenary some peopl...
AVENGERS WATCH / REACT by ohlookitsnolan
AVENGERS AND OTHERS REACT TO EDITS , CLIPS AND MEMES Avengers Ironman The winter soldier More+ SPOILERS!!!!!
Avengers React To Thor: Ragnarok by ohlookitsnolan
Avengers React To Thor: Ragnarokby Nygma
AVENGERS REACT TO THOR : RAGNAROK | Avengers Reaction Fan-fiction |
Lady Time  by BlueDustbin827
Lady Time by BlueDustbin827
Delilah Waltz never saw her father that often. Her mother told her stories of how he met with George Washington and went on dates with Marilyn Monroe. How? He was a time...
Maya Stark by Je-Taime-Le-Plus
Maya Starkby S. Elizabeth M.
• Maya Stark • Daughter of Tony Stark • Avenger • Fighter • Badass • Sarcastic Asshole • ___________________________________________ 'I may have a problem,' Parker said...
Green Beret | MCU (On Hold) by Dingleberry1000
Green Beret | MCU (On Hold)by Dingleberry
This story is about a US Army Airborne turned Special Forces Green Beret soldier who SHIELD has on their watch list, more specifically their recruitment list. Male OC. W...
MCU | Seven Minutes in Heaven  by UnholyCrowns
MCU | Seven Minutes in Heaven by MarvelAddict
It's a hot midsummer day and you have nothing to do when you receive an Emergency Alert from Tony Stark himself to meet at the tower. Turns out everyone else got it too...
Peter Parker One Shots by gracefulclouds
Peter Parker One Shotsby abandoned acount
Woo! Peter Parker One-Shots. There will be IronDad and SpiderSon, some angst. NO SMUT, NO STARKER! (Seriously, Starker is pedophilia.) (Credit To starspangledsprocket.tu...
Avengers React to No Way Home by General_Skywalker
Avengers React to No Way Homeby Anakin_Skywalker
The Avengers and their families are transported to a theatre to watch 'Spider-man: No Way Home'. ⚠️Major NWH Spoilers⚠️
last infinity stone. ⇢ infinity war & endgame [completed] editing. by potteronmymind
last infinity stone. ⇢ infinity Anna
She was the secret stone Or Seventeen year old Imani Cole has been extraordinary her whole life, never knowing her true potential until now [infinity war...
Tony's Secret Spider by PEZ_Wolf
Tony's Secret Spiderby PezWolf
Tony has always been very public about his life. But one thing no one knows, not even the avenger s is that that he has an adopted son. Also they don't know that he was...
One-Shots by KaytiKitty
One-Shotsby Catty Kayt B.
Spiderman one-shots. Usually centered around the Civil War - Homecoming time frame. Requests open but slow
Daughter of Bucky Barnes by CapA_2000
Daughter of Bucky Barnesby CapA_2000
Elena Barnes grew up alongside Steve Rodgers and her father Bucky Barnes. At age 17 she was given a serum just like her father and Steve. It was in the 1940's she goes u...
Marvel Imagines by DJPiper
Marvel Imaginesby ‘Lil Lucifer
I Might Have A Slight Obsession with Marvel, so I've decided to make this, Requests Are Always Opened Most Of My Characters Will Have Their Own Names And Looks (I'm Sorr...
Marvel One-Shots by FandomQuack
Marvel One-Shotsby FandomQuack
Includes Steve, Tony, Bucky, Thor, Loki, Clint, Natasha, Peter (Parker and Quill), Bruce, Wanda, Vision, T'Challa, Shuri, Gamora, and anyone I inevitably missed....
Nyctophobia: (Book 1) A Percy Jackson and Avengers Crossover by SuperSizedMcWriter
Nyctophobia: (Book 1) A Percy SuperSizedMcWriter
A tragedy at camp sends Percy running. After he shows up at his mom's and explains the situation, another disaster ends with Percy unconscious, injured, and sprawled out...