Lee Min-jee

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Lee Min-jee

Lee Min-jee is a person that I made myself. It is a mix of myself and what i want to be. I chose lisa to giv her a face and body.

Min-jee means  brightness and wisdom. 

She is the young twin by 10 minutes. He is very bright and wise, she knows what is right and what is wrong so she useally tries to help others with her wisdom. because of her childhood she was a very bright person. unlike her brother she is not cute, she doesn't like it to be called cute so she has a bit of a tomboyiss style.


bright, wise, tomboy, smart, steady hand, goes against the rules, a meme.

bright: well like I said she is like me a bit and this is the part of me. I am a bright person even when they don't see it.

wise: also the part of me. Mine name means advisor so that means your wise also. this is kinda the reason why i chose this name.

tomboy: i chose this treat as I was very tomboyiss when I was younger I also thought this would fit the character as she lived with her brothers her whole life. she has more boy friends than girl friends.

smart: like her brothers she is also smart it's something genetic they got from their parents.

steady hand: like Jeong-in she also got taught some tricks by their brother so she got a steady hand from him.

goes against the rules: she goes less against them like her 2 brothers but she does it. this will slightly change in the story.

a meme: well she is the funny one out of the 3 as her twin is the cute one she is the funny quircky one. 


Like her twin he spent the first 5 years at their grandparents she useally helped her grandma with chores around the house that she could do. or play with her twin brother. And with play she useally helped him with his clumsyness. she doesn't look like her twin so everybody useally get shock when the speak at the same time the same thing. She also looks up to her brother and also see him as an role model, like her brother she always watches his oparations and know a lot because of it. Min-jee wants to become a police woman as she doesn't like people who do bad stuff like killing people or stealing from banks or out of houses or shops.

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