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"alright sir just a moment" the woman said while asking someone to get Jeong-in , Min-jee, Dong-ha and Ja-hyuk. a few minutes they were brought in. "jeong-in, Min-jee I was so worries about you guys. are you two hurt? you guys will come with me in the hospital."Hae-sung said to his siblings. "hello Ja-Hyuk and Dong-ha'shi, Joo-ran noona asked me to get you guys. She was very worried but couldn't leave the hospital." hae-sung than said to Ja-Hyuk and Dong-ha. "Thank you for doing that for Joo-ran Hae-sung'shi." Ja-Hyuk than awnsered.

the group went towards the hospital. on their way they saw Woo-sung working. "Woo-sung oppa, thank you for watching us in that short periode!" Min-jee screamed towards him so he could hear it. Woo-sung looked back and waved with a smile. "don't tell me you like him now."Jeong-in said witha joke voice. "no Dae-gil oppa is still number 1. "Min-jee said with a big smile. after a few minutes of walking they got to the hospital.

"Dong-ha your alright thank god." Joo-ran said while running towards her son and hugging him. "Ja-Hyuk oppa your alright, Yes I am alright sweety."Ja-hyuk said teasingly. "You too oppa." Joo-ran said after she got up with Dong-ha. " Min-jee and Jeong-in are you two also alright your brother was apain he went on his knees to be allowed to find you too. I wish I made a picture for you two. "Joo-ran said to the twins. "I got a picture of it noona." Dae-gil said while walking inside. he showed the picture to the twins and they all started to laugh. "we will bully oppa forever with this right Jeong-in." "yes hyung will remember this forever." the twins said devilish. "yaaaah Dae-gil please delete the picture don't send it to them. I don't want to be bullied." HAe-sung said with a sad face. "I won't hyung, bullying you with the twins most fun to do." Dae-gil said teaseling. 

                                                      ******* a few hours later*******

"We brought a badly hurt person please get some docters."Woo-sung said while getting inside with a patient. Dae-gil and Hae-sung run towards the patient. "where did you find this person Woo-sung?" Dae-gil asked. "in a sink hole the person was still alive when we got her. we checked her but she doesn't move her legs she can't feel it she said she was also bleeding from behind." Woo-sung said. While Woo-sung said that the twins also came to check. "Oppa/hyung I think she has broken her leg whole leg. she might have internal bleeding because of the cuts in her back . " the twins and Dae-gil said. "alright we need to operate the bleeding hasn't stopped yet. Dae-gil please assist me. you two stay here. Joo-ran noona please come too." Hae-sung said. "We want to help we know most stuff anyways." the twins said. "Woo-sung please hold them they can only look but in the look room alright."Dae-gil said to him.  Woo-sung nodded and took both there hands while the others went towards the oparating room. "ya how do you know Dae-gil oppa?" Min-jee asked while they were walking towards to looking room. "He is my best friend we come from the same neighborhood." Woo-sung anwsered. "I wonder why hyung never talked about you." Jeong-in said than. "well I don't talk about him we are both adults and both have jobs so we are very busy that we don't meet often." Woo-sung said. "What do you two want to become when you reach our age?" Woo-sung asked to the twins. " I want to become a teacher." Jeong-in said. "I want to work for the police, I want to put bad people in jail and find out murders." Min-jee said. " wha you two are totally diffrent but both want a job that helps people." Woo-sung said with a smile. 

The oparation took a while and the twins and Woo-sung talked a lot while watcing their brother and friends saving a person. When the oparation was finished they walked down, and met with the others. "you were great Dae-gil oppa." Min-jee said. "hyung Min-jee is flirting with you again."Jeong-in said teaseling. "I am not Dae-gil is just really good just like oppa." Min-jee said. "thank you for the compliment Min-jee but i am far away from your brother skills." Dae-gil said. Dae-gil go out with min-jee she will work for the police so watch out." Woo-sung said to Dae-gil while giving him a friendly hit on his back. everybody started to laugh.

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