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It was a beautifull sunny day for the Lee family.

" I will have a night shift so auntie next door will pick you guys up for dinner.Go straight to bed after you had dinner and finished homework." Hae-sung said to his younger sibling. Both of them packed their bag and waved their brother goodbye when they left the small apartment for school. 

Well it looks like I have to get ready for work soon too. I hope they manage without me, it will be their first time alone in the house. Why did I had to get a night shift, if they were like 15 I would do it but not now they are just 12, Hae-sung thought. 

Hae-sung got ready and made his way towards work. "Let's go out baby we need to get fast to the hospital."  he said to his motorcycle. It took him only 10 minutes with the motor, he love to ride it. "We got an emercancy coming in!! he got stuck under a fallen car in an car accident." someone said from the ambulance while walking in the hospital.  Hae- sung ran towards the man and held his stethoscope against his hart and lungs. "I can hear a air leaving the lungs, he needs an oparation now. get a room ready. Ddol-Mi  and Joo-ran noona please help with the oparation." hae-sung said.  while walking towards the cleaning room to get his proper clothes for the oparation. when he walked inside he saw everybody ready. "let's start the oparation now." Joo-ran said when Hae-sung got inside the room.

                                                 ** 2 hours later after the oparation**

"Joo-ran noona do you know why I got a nigh shift?" Hae-sung said while getting a cup of water. "Hae-sung you know that everybody will get a night shift eventually, and if you really don't like it go to our boss Yoo young-tak and not me." she said. "But my little sibling will be lonely tonight and they won't see An Dae-gil, you know that they like him." he said with a bit taesing sad face. "hyung why do they like to be with me, I never did anything to make them like me."Dae-gil said. "it's because you hang out with me and have been in most of the oparations with me, so they like you. and your a good guy even though your sometimes a brat teen." hae-sung said while laughing. "YA I'm not a brat, I just keep me to the rules like you hyung." Dae-gil said being a bit angry. "pfff, you have no other choice your not fully licecend your just a last year at school. BUt because you will most likely become a docter i will allow you to marry my little sister alright." Hae-sung said jokingly. everybody else started to laugh. "hyung I'm like 8 years older and she is not even 18 i could go to jail." Dae-gil said while laughing with the others.

the afternoon went on and patients came and go. just a normal day for Hae-sung.

"Jeong-in hurry we will be late for the last subject. " min-jee said to her twin brother. "sorry I fell over my lace min-jee." Jeong-in said while running after her. They just got in time in class. The class started and they greeted their teacher. MAth was the subject that both of them liked and it always felt like a class of 20 minutes but it was an hour long. "Jeong-in let's get ice cream before we go to auntie. "We can't Auntie will call hyung instantly when we get 10 minutes late. " jeong-in awsered. "that's true but it's so warm let's get some after dinner."she asked. and jeong-in agreed. They both walked torwards the small apartment only 4 people intotal lived there. it was them and the auntie next door with her little pomeranian. "ah you 2 just got in time dinner will be served in a few minutes just sit on the dinning table." auntie said while letting the twins in. "so how was school, you guys didn't do anything wrong right. " auntie asked while placing the side dishes on table. "no we didn't Min-jee and I are well behaved children." "Jeong-in fell over his lace again." Min-jee said while laughing. "ya why did you had to tell Auntie." Jeong-in said. "well Jeong-in will you ever learn to not get clumsy."auntie said while laughing with the twins. 

"Auntie the food was very good we will go home now to make homework and than go to bed." Min-jee and Jeong-in said. They went inside their house placed their homework on the table and made it as fast as they could. after they finnished they went outside to get ice cream. "We have to get inside quietly auntie will be asleep by now." Min-jee said to Jeong-in. thye got inside their house as quiet as possible. they weren't tired yet so they just chilled in the living room. They were watching there favourite movie Harry Potter and the prisoner of azhkaban.

It was a quiet night just a normal day like any other day.

"Woo-Sung minister of diseaster problem Why do you want to rebuild the building there is no possible way for an earthuake to happen? " a reporter asked. "even if it might not be possible we always have to be prepaired they world is like a human it can make a sudden change like we did in the evolution from monkey to what we are now."he said. " we are lucky that this hospital is not that old and already build for these kinda diseasters. " Ddol-mi said while turning the TV off. " how long until your shift is done Hae-sung oppa."she asked. " I have until 5 am. And I started at 3 pm. luckely I have a break now let me sleep a little bit alright." Hae-sung said while taking a cat nap. for an hour.

it suddenly started to shake a bit in the office the glass with water showed it but nobody felt it. Until it suddenly got a lot harder the shaking in the hospital it was just a minimum but outside you could hear people scream and hide. an diseaster happend in heart Seoul. How can that happen. 

"Jeong-in get up the house is shaking, I don't trust it let's go outside to check." MIn-jee said while pulling her brother out of the blanket. " Min-jee wait my shoes." Jeong-in got his shoes and went outside with her. it looked like hell houses started to fall down. people were screaming and crying.  when they looked behind them they saw their home falling down. "Auntie is still inside with jun." Min-jee said while being in shook. Jeong-in fell to the ground while he saw the house going down.

It was a normal day but it suddenly changed in just a blink of an eye. how will this family manage and survive.

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