Lee Hae-sung

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the first 3 chapter will be about the characters. A little background about them and how I got on the idea for their character.


Lee Hae-sung is based of the Kdrama D-Day with some changes.

He lost his parants at the age of 16 the day his brother and sister got born. Even though he wasn't an adult he still wanted to be there for his siblings and didn't want them to got separeted for an adoption. He started to live at his grandparants with his siblings. his grandparants offered the help until he was an adult. he started to study at a medical school to become a docter it was his dream. at the age of 21 he got his own small apartement with his siblings who were both 5 years old. The shared a bedroom and bed together. he would bring them to school while he would be at the hospital.he is affraid to leave them alone at night so useally has his shift at the day. in this story he is 28 years old

His personality: caring, charming, protective,smart, has an steady hand, goes against the rules a lot

So how did i decided on this character: well  like i said a bit based on the original charcter but with changes. first of all he is younger, he is more caring. the original cared about others but when he cared the most for his mom and brother and close friends and patients. mine version also cares about wild strangers even when they aren't a patiant he would care about them.

charming: well that stayed the same the original is charming and so is this one.

protectieve: he got this trade the minute his parants died and his siblings were born. he saw the and wanted to protect them. he is also very protectieve for his patients. if someting happens or an other docter want to preform an other chirgery he will be kinda mad and doesn't want that to happen, it is his patient so he wants to take care of it.

Smart: well you have to be smart to become an docter.

has a steady hand: like the original he has a steady hand. he does operation like the original without a scan sometimes and that gets him in trouble sometimes.

goes against the rules: like said he does oparations without a scan sometimes because the codition is that worse that it needs an oparation directly.

How did  the parents die:

Well the dad was driving behind the ambulance not thinking and went through red het got hit by a truck, he got smashed and was basicly dead instantly. His dad worked for a high function in bussiness he was around 45 years old. he got Hae-sung at the age of  29 and was married at the age of 28. 

The mother died after giving birth to the twins, she lost a lot of blood nd the docters couldn't stop it everything they did it didn't help. She worked in the airport as flight attandent on ground basis. she was 40 when she died and had Hae-sung at the age of 24 and was married at the age of 23. 

They got Hae-sung pretty early and were both married early, all the time between his birth and the birth of the twins they always tried for kids but it never worked until she was 40 and the dad at 45. Because both parents had pretty good jobs the money that Hae-sung was a lot but his study costed a lot and he also needed money for the school fee for his siblings, so most of the money went to the bank he used it only for a school and for food sometimes. the money for the small 1 bedroom apartment was from his own earned money so that the rest of the money from hisparents would go to his siblings.

Hae-sung has lived with his grandparents from age 16 till 21. He helped them in the house and had a side job to get an small apartment and to give his grandparents as fee for taking car for him and his younger siblings. At the house of his grandparents he had a room with his baby siblings as the house wasn't that big. when the got older they slept with him in one bed so he never want them to be alone a he always was there for them. Because he shared the room with them he got that strong caring side.

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