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The Hospital was packed a lot of injuried people came by that were injuriedor looking for relatives to see if they were at the hospital. Woo-sung and the other fireman came by a few times too with injured people. The twins watched over Dong-ha as his mother was with the patients and his dad was outside helping people getting inside the hospital. 

"Dong-ha what do you want to became when you grow up?" Jeong-in asked. "I want to become a vet, I love animals." Dong-ha said with an innocent smile. "so you if Jun gets sick you might became his docter than." Min-jee said while petting Jun. "Yes." Dong-ha said. Dong-ha came up to Min-jee and started to pet Jun too. "Jeong-in hyung why you want to become a teacher."Dong-ha than asked. "Well my brother looks really cool when he saves  and helps people and I want to help people too. like what you will do with animals." Jeong-in said. "animals are also like people they get sick too or break a bone just like we do. They are part of your family once you adopt a pet. so you will safe people to Dong-ha" Min-jee said. Dong-ha smiled and agreed to what Min-jee said. "Noona your really smart." He said than. "Jeong-in is also smart and your smart too." Min-jee said to him in response. The day went on with them talking and helping some patients with giving food and water. or bringing them to the toilet. 

                                                   ♥♥♥♥♥ a few hours later♥♥♥♥♥

Hae-sung just finished an oparation when he saw Ja-Hyuk helping a pregnant woman. He went up to them and when he saw the face it was the face of the woman he helped with the car. "ah you got here." Hae-sung said. the woman didn't say anything she just looked down. he than saw a bit blood going down her legs. "your bleeding. Nurse please get a bed and someone who is specialished in pregnancies." Hae-sung said towards Ddol-mi. "Hae-sung'shi  all the people who specialish in that left." Ddol-mi said while bringing the bed. "we have to operate now or else she and her child will die." hae-sung wishperd in Ddol-mi ear. "Cha-In give us a moment. "i know 2 people who know a bit about it lets get them." HAe-sung said. Hae-sung went towards Ji-na and Eun So-Yool. "Ji-na, Eun So-Yool please help us. I know you two have a break but there is a pregnant woman bleeding. please please."Hae-sung asked with puppy eyes. "we never operated a pregnant woman we were just nurses to get the child and check its weight this is totally different." Ji-na said. "how do you think that it would help." Eun So-Yool said. "Just ome with me please. i have read a bit about if you guys help it would go better." HAe-sung said. the girls went with him. "hyung the woman is in labor her water broke just a few minutes ago."Jeong-in said when the group came back running. "Miss just breath slowly, Don't push yet." Min-jee said while holding her hand. "Oppa how many cm does she have?" she than asked Dae-gil who also check the woman when they other were getting Ji-na and Eun So-Yool. "Hyung it's already 8cm she will have to go for a natural birth." Dae-gil said to Hae-sung. " Cha-in breath slowly we will bring you to the delevery room." Hae-sung said.

the group went inside the delevery room where Dae-gil check how many cm she had now. it was 9cm. "almost 10 Hyung. are you ready do you know what to do?" Dae-gil asked. "honestly I don't know but if we don't help now both will die."Hae-sung said. "Oppa she has to wait till 10 cm don't let her push until she has Press contractions." Min-jee said. Ji-na looked shooked at her and than said: "how did you know that.". "When Oppa isn't doing oparations i go to the labour side of the hospital to see little babies getting born." Min-jee anwsered. "wah Min-jee is smarter than her older brother."Dae-gil said. "Ah she has 10CM now" he than said.

                                                  ♥♥♥ 30 minutes later ♥♥♥

the baby was born healthy and the woman survived too. They just had to give her some blood from donors. " Cha-in congrationlations with your daughter." Ji-na , Hae-sung, Dae-gil, Eun So-Yool and Ddol-mi said. "Noona/ Unnie congrationlations with your baby."the twins said afterwards. 

"Oppa can we go outside to help with people with cuts in their arms or legs. we can do that very good?" min-jee asked. "Hyung please let us we will be carefull we promise." Jeongin said after her. The twins looked at their older brother with puppy eyes. "ya don't use those eyes on me." Hae-sung said to them. "alright I will prepare a kit with some stuff. don't waste it. also be her before it gets too dark." He than said to them.

Hae-sung prepared for both the twins a bag with supplies for the stuff they know and are allowed to do. "hung why are you packing?" Dae-gil asked. "it's for Jeongin and Min-jee they want to go outside and help the people who are injured but just have minore injuries. I allow them to do that much." Hae-sung said.  "ah actually they will make our work a little bit easier the people with just stitches won'tt come here because they got treated by them. And we can focus more for the people who are badly injured. " Dae-gil said.

"Guys here are your bags. please be carfull and stay together. be back here before the dark."Hae-sung said to his siblings.

"We will." they said and left.

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