why I love Dae-gil

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Jeong-in left Hyunjin to help his older brother. what he didn't knew is that his twin sister was close by she wanted to tell Hyunjin why she likes Dae-gil. 

"hyunjin can i talk with you for a bit." she said when she closed the door behind her.

"sure, also i am sorry that i gave you a kiss, I really thought it would be my last chance." he said.

"thats not it really, you probely know by now that i look someone else. and you have most likely seen him just a few minutes ago." Min-jee said. "yeah you like the younger docter that works with your brother. he is really hansome i wouldn't stand a chance." hyunjin said while looking a bit sad. "it's not his looks believe me. i will tell you why i like him if that's alright. " she said. "go ahead." hyunjin said to her. deep down he wanted to know why she fell for an older boy. 

" I will tell you a little story alright something that only Dae-gil, Hae-sung and I know." she said. Hyunjin looked weird at her. "you know that Jeong-in and I have always been togheter right, but do you remember e few years ago that we didn't wanted to hang out with you in the summer break?" she asked hyunjin. "yes you said that both weren't allowed to go because your brother was mad at you 2. " he said. " That was a lie. Jeong-in doesn't remember but that summer he got hit by a car and was in a coma for 2 weeks. he lost that part of his memory. Dae-gil even though he was just a first year he took care of Jeong-in, oppa wasn't allowed to do anything. that made me fall in love because he knew that my brother would bother the docter of our brother, because oppa wanted Jeong-in to be healthy again he would bother the docter with so many questions so most skilled docters declined to help Jeong-in. except for Dae-gil thats what made me fall in love with him. he was so skilled dispise his age, he was able to coope with all thee questions oppa gave him, but he also used his questions to run tests and to make sure he was alright. You know that even though Jeong-in and I will grow up and start families on our own at some point he will always be my second half of me, I was so scared to lose him but with Dae-gil oppa help, Jeong-in got healthy again." Min-jee said to hyunjin while looking down. she was scared that hyunjin would be mad or sad. "you fell in love with because of his skills, so I will be able to beat him one day i just need to find a skill and be super amazing at it." hyunjin said with a big smile and so much hope. "I wish you luck than hyunjin." Min-jee said and hugged hyunjin. hyunjin started to blush. "pff you blush by a hug, I used to hug you so much but now you blush from it." Min-jee said while laughing. "ya it's not funny of course I blush I confessed to you a hug feels like heaven." Hyunjin said while laughing. 

the two of them were talking and laughing for some time until Min-jee left to help Jeong-in and Hae-sung. 

a few minutes after Min-jee left. Dae-gil got inside for a check-up but he also heard the conversation about why Min-jee liked him so much. " hyung you look kinda dazed did you not have enough sleep." Hyunjin asked when Dae-gil got inside. "ah no was just thinking about stuff." he said. "liar, tell the truth." hyunjin said as he could see the lie of Dae-gil. "alright I heard you guys conversation and about why Min-jee likes me." he said. "Well, she won't like you forever I will win her heart." Hyunjin said with a smile. "may the best win." Dae-gil said to the younger boy.

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