Elma, The Law Dragon (Part 3)/ Work

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Friday, 9:30 A.M, Y/N's workplace~

After Breakfast, which Tohru cooked for him after his shower, Y/N went to work with Takiya beside him. The company he works has been improved upon his former boss' "Retirement" and is working smoothly. All employees are exceptional in their skills for the company and are good people, being kind and generous. Y/N has been working for the company since the first introduction to the world. As an accountant, he handles all purchases made from the company and makes sure each worker gets a fair share, even helping a few in desperate times. He's also worked abroad at some point but always return since it felt better here than in America.

As time went on, the company undergo some major changes and improved business in Japan. Such, newbies were a common trait in these kind of company and Y/N has dealt with ALL OF THEM. Whiny, Self-Righteous, Boastful, Arrogant, Greedy, Fat, Mischievous, Overconfidence, Prideful, Pure and Old, he's dealt them all and they all turned to be great people after getting trained under Y/N. When Y/N saw them, he saw his past self, since they remind hi of his young self back in the day when he would cheat, steal and kill to survive until he killed a child. A simple child that had no right to be there.....

Y/N: 'ɐqnɹǝuᴉW'....I'm-

Takiya: Y/N?

Y/N broke out of his trance as he looked at Takiya.

Y/N: Y-Yeah?

Takiya: Are you alright? You looked spooked right now, like you saw a ghost.

Y/N: A ghost? I have two Dragons living with me, powerful beings that can potentially kill us all with their power alone and ghost frightens me?

Takiya: Your right, that does seem far fetched but... Your still human.

Y/N: Right, thanks for getting me out of that trance...

Takiya: No problem.

Takiya continued to work and Y/N did the same, he and Takiya have been friends since he joined the company. There were obstacles, faults and violations they have caused but they're still standing and been drinking buddies ever since. Takiya also showed great compassion and patience to his co-workers, even endured the whiniest, bit**** and arrogant form of our former boss. Thankfully, he used all the anger into his work, which killed his computer and bought a new one.

Takiya: Oh yeah, I heard we got a newbie.

Y/N: Again? We just had one 2 months ago.

Takiya: Yep, but I'm sure you can handle her.

Y/N: A girl? Been a while, but at least she'll be far more useful than an arrogant brat.

Well....yeah, that brat got what he deserved...

Just then their door opened for the newbie to go, noticing this, Y/N saw the newbie and widened his eyes...

Y/N: 'No way...'

What came out of the door, was Elma in a total business suit with glasses, as the boss' introduced her to us.

Elma: My name is Joui Eruma, I will be working with you all today and until a few years. I hope you can take care of me. ( I searched the name of Elma's fake name and this was the result. Joui=Thanks in French-English and Eruma is "Cow Dung" in Tamil, the language spoken in Sri Lanka along with Indonesia. So, Eruma from research was supposed to be a joke to those who don't pick up the dung for fertilizer. I don't know whether to take it as a joke or not.)

Elma, or Eruma, wore a complete business outfit for management and she wore it well. It consists of a V-neck shirt, black jacket, black skirt and ordinary socks along with black shoes. Along with a red tie and glasses to give a 'Meek' feeling to her, like a typical newbie trying to impress her superior.

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