Working with the Devil

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Early morning, 3rd POV~

It was a Thursday morning for the Trio as Tohru woke up and started cooking breakfast, Y/N woke second and started taking a bath for work and last but not least is Kanna who is also using their own separate Bathroom for school.

30 minutes later, The two come out of their room with their respective clothes and sit on the dinner table filled with foods cooked from Tohru.

Y/N: Your Miso soup is very fragrant today.

Tohru: Thanks, i decided to use ingredients from this world instead of the other.

Y/N: What did I tell you about using ingredients from other worlds?


Y/N: Good.

Y/N won't admit it, but he's secretly eating the other foods due to them being more fresher than this world. Tohru know's it, but she kept her mouth shut.

Another 15 minutes later, Y/N had just put his shoes on at the same time Kanna put on her's.

Y/N and Kanna: We're going.

Tohru: Have a Safe trip, you two.

With another second, they shut the door leaving Tohru to do the house work.

Tohru: Now then...

A few minutes prior, she washed the floor, cleaned the beds, took care of the dishes, did the laundry and hanged them and now...

Tohru: Now what?

"Now what?" Indeed, since the chores were already done and its still Mid-Morning, what can a Dragon maid do?

Tohru: Mah, I'll just watch some T.V...

At Y/N's workplace~

Suzune: (Note: This is not her name, I just thought not a Japanese name. Please no hate.) Here's for the Month.

Y/N: Sure thing.

Suzune: You know what? I think you've changed.

Y/N: How, may I ask?

Suzune: Well, back then you were so serious that everyone had a hard time talking to you. But now, your more open.

Y/N: Is that so...

Back to Tohru ~

She turned on the T.V as it shows a talk show for girls.

Announcer: Now then, the best way to show a girls feelings are...

The choices were.

E. Hug them from behind.

D. Carry then like a princess.

C. Holding her hands at Public.

B. Petting them.

But all of them were invalid as A was.

A. Push them against the wall.

I'm not a love expert, I don't even have a girlfriend. ( ;∀;)

But from what it means, it shows that the boys are not coy about his feelings and has to express it now.

As the Announcer showed an image of that happening, in a dark alleyway, a boy is holding his arms up and pushed her against the wall and all the girls there squeal.

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