Fafnir, The Gaming Dragon

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Shopping District, Tohru POV~

I wonder what Master Y/N would like, Meat or Pork? (This is a reference to one of the weirdest anime there, if you get this then you now know the weird side of anime.)

Well, I'm sure he would prefer pork anyway. I'm at the shopping district with a bag of food for tonight's feast for Master Y/N and Kanna. But what to cook...

As I was making my way back home, I stumbled upon a familiar face.

Tohru: Fafnir?

He looked at me with the usual dead in his eyes and his position is very weird, he's holding his hands out with his shoulder's relaxed and his thumbs appear to be gripping something.

I have no doubt that he can go back, but what is he doing here?

Timeskip to Tohru preparing Dinner with skills above of a 5-Star chef~

I went back home with Fafnir and prepared Tea for him, Master Y/N is at a table drinking water overlooking Kanna's assignment for today, which is decorating a canvas with the color provided to her. (Anyone else can't get a grip of the spelling of "color". Tell what you think is best. "Color." or "Colour".)

I prepare the Tea and give it to Fafnir who is sitting on the couch while looking down, I sit at the floor beside Fafnir as he keeps staring at the Table.

Tohru: Can I ask you a question Fafnir?

It seems he's unresponsive, but he nodded as a sign he heard my question.

Tohru: Why were you there at that corner and, you looked lost there.

He looked at the Tea I gave him and sipped it.

Fafnir: I'm going to live here as well...


Tohru: Are you sure? In all honesty, I wouldn't recommend here of all places?

Fafnir: Yes I am sure. If you can live here, as well at the little one, how am I different?

Tohru: I see. Then I'll consultate Y/N about-

As I turned to Master, He seemed to overhear our discussion and gave a cross sign with his arms, an indication to humans as "NO".

Tohru: Nevermind. Do you have any ideas, Fafnir?

Fafnir: I could try the mountains.

Y/N: But wouldn't that attract locals?

Me and Fafnir turned our heads to Master, as he faced us.

Fafnir: What do you mean, Human?

Y/N: There are many people hiking up the mountains as a sport or hobby and sometimes go cave exploring, not to mention officials who monitor activities in the mountain like giant creatures living in a nearby caves. Speaking for humans, It would be terrifying to suddenly see a dragon to live in a mountain that's been in the domain of humans.

I see, that would make sense. Since my times at the other world, I have encountered many humans who would climb a mountain for some sort of personal achievement or just to try and kill me.

Fafnir: Humans, such annoying pests. Maybe I should kill them once and for all. 

Y/N: We humans maybe weak, but we have built buildings that can pierce the skies, weaponry that can kill heavily armed individuals and we have an annoying trait of being annoying. In retrospect, try anything funny and we will give no mercy as well.

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