Shopping and a New Dragon

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Narrator POV

Here we see Tohru, Y/N's Dragon Maid, Shopping at a nearby Shopping center.

As she was Walking to her Groceries, She ponders what would be Great for Dinner from Y/N's Likes and Dislikes.

Tohru: 'I cannot believe I Forgot what Y/N likes, And I call my self his Maid.'

As she Wonders sulkingly, Y/N is actually at his Apartment, Doing nothing.

Y/N: I wonder how Tohru is Doing, Maybe I should've gone with her. I'm sure she'll be Fine.

As he Watches, His Focus became interrupted when his Door bell rang, He reached for it and saw. Tohru with a Defeated look.

Y/N: Tohru? What's wrong?

Tohru: *Small Crying* PLEASE FORGIVE MEEE!!!!!

She clung to Y/N while looking at him with Pleading eyes. Not Noticing this, Y/N blushed Hard as he took a Step back.

Y/N: T-T-Tohru, What is it?

He looked at her with Confusion, as he Tried,TRIED, Not to look at her Cleavege.

Tohru: I-I-I got you so manyyyyyyyyy....* Crying, Comically*

Y/N: What?

Tohru: I didn't know what you like so, I got you all of them.

Y/N sighed as he picks up the groceries and confronts her Maid, Tohru prepares for Judgement but...

Y/N: Don't worry Tohru, I'll eat them And Tommorow I'll help you make your Choice.

Tohru looked at her Masters E/C with Amazement and she Smiles widely and Hugged him deeply.


They both fell to the Floor as Y/N comforted his Maid.

Y/N: 'Jeez, what will I do with you?'

Timeskip to Y/N teaching Tohru to Cook, only for her to Destroy the Kitchen~

Tohru, now with Y/N, Walked towards the Shopping Center for Next Week as they walk side by Side.

Y/N: I forgot, Tohru what do you like?

Tohru: He he, I'll try anything if you like it.~

Y/N: *Flustered* I-I see...

They made their way to the Shopping District, not the Mall, which is Where Y/N would've wanted to go.

Y/N: I thought we're gong to the Mall.

Tohru: Mall?

Y/N: Its a Big Building with Tons of Stores inside, White and lots of People inside.

Tohru grimanced at the Description, Y/N noticed.

Y/N: What's wrong?

Tohru: That reminds of Castles the Humans built to protect from me, They were always Annoying.

Y/N: And liked this Place than at the Mall Because...

Tohru: Oh, Its more Open here and LESS Humans.

Y/N nodded as they make their way inside the District.

From there, Nearly all Kids ran up to them.

All Kids: Y/N!!!

They clung to Y/N as Others ran around them.

Kid1: Play with us!!

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