First Day/Friend

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It has Been a Few Weeks since then, and Y/N and Tohru are now Close as Ever in terms of Trust.

Kanna doesn't like Being Left out, But what can she do to make Y/N Trust her more?

Turns out, The Answer found her.


In the Living Room, Tohru was Cooking Breakfast for her Two Favorite Friends/Lover

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In the Living Room, Tohru was Cooking Breakfast for her Two Favorite Friends/Lover.

As Y/N was Busy reading the News paper, Kanna was at a Balcony stating at a Bunch of Grade Schoolers.

Y/N: *Notices Kanna staring* Tohru...

Tohru: Yes?

Y/N: You think Kanna wants to go to School?

Tohru: I don't know, What gave you that Idea?

Y/N: *Points at Kanna* Its Right there.

Tohru: *Looks at Kanna* Who Knows...

Tohru may not See it, But Y/N can see it as Plain as Day.

She wants to go to School.


After Meeting the Kids, Kanna and Y/N would Generally go there if he has Time to Spare.

As The Duo kept Walking, Kanna found none of her Friends there.

Kanna: Papa, Why there no one here?

Y/N: Huh? I'm guessing...

Y/N: Kanna, What Month is it Today?

Kanna: Ummm, July.

Y/N: That's Why. Summer is Already Over.

Kanna: Then, If I make it Summer Again, My Friends will be Here.

Y/N: If your thinking what I'm Thinking, Then don't.

Kanna: Where did they Go, Papa?

Y/N: School.

Kanna: School?

Y/N: Its a Learning Center, for Children to Learn about the World they live. 'Also Absolutely Hell.'

Kanna: *Eyes Sparkle while Being Amazed*

Flaschback End~

Y/N sat up from his Seat and Walked towards Kanna.

Y/N: Kanna, Come here for a Moment.

Kanna looked over her Shoulder and Saw Y/N with a Hand Gesture saying "Come here"

Kanna: Papa, What is it?

Y/N: This maybe be Unethical for you, But...

He Looked into her Lavender Curious Eyes and Spoke:

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