Spoiling/Playing with Kanna

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Y/N's Apartment, Two Days after Kanna's Introduction ~

E/C eyes Opened to see a Blank ceiling, Nothing to Exiting, course can't be Said to him.

As Y/N opened his Eyes, he went to the Si-

???: Mmmmm

Y/N: Huh?

He felt some weight on his Body, a rather soft and Pleasant feeling.

???: Don't Move...... Five more minutes....

He knew this Voice too well, All too well.

Y/N: Kanna?

The said Girl shifted so that Y/N can see her Small, Monotone, Cute Face.

Kanna: Yes?

Y/N: Can please go somewhere else? I need to Change for Work.

Kanna: But.....

She hugged his Arm, Preventing him to escape.

Kanna: I want to spend today with my Brother.

Y/N: As much as I would appreciate to spend time with you, I can't. So...

He got his arm from her and walked to the door.

Y/N: Please leave.

Kanna pouted cutely before leaving.

Timeskip to Kanna eating some Porridge~

After Dressing up for Work, Y/N went to the Table for Breakfast Tohru Cooked.

Tohru: Eat up now.

Y/N: Thank you Tohru.

He sat down and ate with Tohru and Kanna, eating beside him.

After letting Kanna stay inside, Y/N laid down some Basic Ground rules, His Do's and Don'ts.

Then getting a Spare Pillow and Blanket, she sleeps at the Couch.

But now she Calls Y/N big Brother or in some other cases, FATHER.

That struck Y/N as he Blushed intesly from that.

Tohru was dumbstruck, because one of her Friends has Imprinted Y/N as a Guardian.

Y/N shook of his Stupor and TOLD Kanna to DON'T call him that.

But Kanna refused to do so and he Pretty much gave up.

Now, She acts like the Little Sister of the Trio, with Tohru as Big Sister and Y/N as the Father figure.

And Boy was he Happy, All his Life was just full of Disappointment and Hate. Never in his Life, was there someone caring for him.

A Life he could never Imagine.

Y/N: *Sigh*

Tohru: Y/N? What's wrong?

Y/N: Oh, just......Enjoying this Moment.

Tohru: *Smiles* Well, I'm glad to hear.

Kanna: I like this.

Y/N and Tohru looked at Kanna, then Smiles.

Y/N: Me too, Kanna. Me too.

After Eating Breakfast and Putting on his Regular clothes, He went to the Door...


Y/N: Kanna, please let go.

Kanna was Holding on to Y/N's Jacket, Clearly saying she doesn't want to let him go.

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