Esper Powers

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Y/N's apartment, Y/N POV~

Jeez, the last time I should be doing my work on my house is never but, Karma comes biting back. I'm in my personal study just finishing up some leftover work from the neighboring company as a bonus work from my "Raise". 

Still, this is WAY too much work. I think I should take a break.

So, I stood up from my seat, closed my laptop and organized my papers, then I walked out to see...

Y/N: TOHRU!!!!!!!!!!!

Timeskip to Y/N finishing the last paperwork until an employee came and gave him more work~

The reason I screamed at Tohru is because she and Kanna, whom I slightly scolded, bent most of the spoon we have.

Y/N: So, kindly explain why the sudden heart?

To my surprise, Kanna defended Tohru by showing me a show they were watching. It was a magic show of a performer bending the spoon using minimal force.

Y/N: Ah, you don't know "Esper Powers"?

Tohru and Kanna: "ESPER"!!!!!?????

Y/N: So, you don't know... Here let me show you an example...

I said while walking to the kitchen and grabbing the last spoon. Using the science and my "Skills", I bent the spoon with minimal effort while also using science and the laws of leverage.

Tohru: Wha...

Kanna: Whoa, cool...

They're still amazed, they should've seen me in my old days. The good old days...

Y/N: Why are you two amazed? This is practically the bare minimum of a regular human.

Tohru: Bare minimum?

Y/N: If a human can put as much effort into these kind of things, like the magician you both saw in T.V, then they too can do such tasks, Like what I did.

It's true. If there weren't any "Lazy" humans in the past, We would've done amazing things. If we didn't believe in any Gods, we could've advanced our Technology Ten-Fold. But, alas. "Where other men blindly follow the truth, Remember, nothing is true. Where other men are limited by morality or law, Remember, everything is permitted." Best quote ever.

When I finished with my train of thoughts, Tohru had an intense stare with blood-lust brooding out of her.

Y/N: Hey now...

Just as I was getting to her, Kanna came up to Tohru with book I bought 9 years ago that showed instructions on how do the "Esper powers" the Magician did on T.V. To be honest, it was a bust and a waste of money as most of them contained bogus tricks and different languages on instructions.

Tohru: Impressive find, Kanna. With this, we can achieve those powers...

Kanna: Mmmm....

Tohru: Y/N, would you like to come?

Tohru faced me as I gave her my answer.

Y/N: Yeah, sure. I need a break anyway.

Tohru: Great. I'll put them back together now...

She then used magic to fix all of the broken spoons.

Y/N: 'She doesn't even need Esper powers if she can do that on a whim. So, why?'

And so, the following scenes happened.

And so, the following scenes happened

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