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[The Hero] RWBY X Abused Neglected Male Reader X Fate Series by RazeLast
[The Hero] RWBY X Abused Neglected...by razelast
Y/n is the adoptive son of Taiyang xiao long and summer rose he has two sisters Ruby his little sister and yang his sister with the same age. He lived happily until some...
  • atalanta
  • ruby
  • fate
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The Majesties by Night0512
The Majestiesby I. Am. SPRIGGAN!
This is a story starring... Ad Beth Liv And... A BOWLING PIN "HE HAS TELEPATHIC POWERS!" Beth yells dramatically. "AND?! HES A BOWLING PIN!" Liv yell...
  • lui
  • fafnir
  • majesties
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The Dragon that stole my Heart (Malereader X Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid) by ArenFera1870
The Dragon that stole my Heart (Ma...by ArenFera
You were a Rogue, Wanted from Numerous Kingdoms but a Hero of Others. Wanting to get away from them, You counseled the Most Powerful Sorcerer of the Land and now you ar...
  • tohru
  • malereader
  • fafnir
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/A Knight at Kobayashi's/ Miss Kobayashi's dragon maid x male reader by Hobo_writer
/A Knight at Kobayashi's/ Miss Kob...by H080-Wr1t3r
YN LN is a knight from the other world, who came to earth for one purpose to hunt down and kill Tohru.
  • hobo
  • tohru
  • fafnir
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Legend of the dragoon hero by Betadragon
Legend of the dragoon heroby K.B_Sabbath
At one moment I was getting my head caved in, the next moment I woke in a basement wielding a spear with three other people wielding weapons while being tasked to save t...
  • spearhero
  • dragoon
  • fafnir
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True Love??!? *ON HOLD*(Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid Tohru X Female Reader!)  by Kadohki
True Love??!? *ON HOLD*(Miss Kobay...by Kaylee~
This a fanfiction between the beautiful Y/N ( Your Name ) and the lovely Tohru!
  • fafnir
  • romance
  • yuri
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RWBY: dragon of dragons  by merlin0911
RWBY: dragon of dragons by merlin0911
with salems forces growing bigger and stronger every day ozpin calls a old acquaintance from his past to help...most would excpect some hunter or something but instead h...
  • fatestay
  • fafnir
  • dragonslayer
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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid OneShots! by explodingemos
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid OneSh...by Jay
Why aren't there any more books about this anime??
  • lucoa
  • romance
  • reader
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Our Daughter is A Dragon! by YukinaFrost
Our Daughter is A Dragon!by Ai
This is my first Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid fanfiction. It's a crossover and this is the Hunter x Hunter Version. I'm planning to make some book like this again with a...
  • misskobayashisdragonmaid
  • phantomtroupe
  • kurapika
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Big, purple.......egg? by Yfictions
Big, purple.......egg?by Yfictions
Takiya and Fafnir got drunk. They had sex but only Takiya had remembered it. He pretendet nothing happend. Life went on nomally. One day Fafnir starts to feel sick. Drag...
  • dragon
  • mpreg
  • takiyaxfafnir
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isse el dragon DXD by MauricioDeEloa
isse el dragon DXDby Mauricio (shipeos locos)
un crossover entre high school dxd y miss kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon, sera un harem entre casi todas las dragonas e isse
  • traicion
  • hijos
  • isse
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Fafnir x Takiya- [Fluff Fanfiction] - Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid by mintalin-kun
Fafnir x Takiya- [Fluff Fanfiction...by mintalin-kun
A little fanfiction on Fafnir and Takiya. Enjoy reading about the daily life of Takiya living with a dragon. Not just any dragon though, his dragon boyfriend. Note: This...
  • fafnirxtakiya
  • oneshots
  • fluff
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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Lover by Izadora2600
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Loverby Izadora
After a drunk night in which Kobayashi sleeps with Tohru Kobayashi falls for the dragon and it is a beautiful story with plenty of funny moments
  • moregayshit
  • kobayashi
  • lucoa
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A New Dragon Joins the Mix! Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid X Female! Dragon!Reader by user69567242
A New Dragon Joins the Mix! Miss K...by Mikazuki
Kobayashi has met some... interesting people. to say the least, anyway. what happens when one more dragon shows up? chaos or harmony?
  • misskobayashisdragonmaid
  • shota
  • lucoa
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|| Takiya x Fafnir || Dragon Maid || by ParadiseEclipse
|| Takiya x Fafnir || Dragon Maid...by Paradise Eclipse
Do you like Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid? Do you ship Takiya x Fafnir? This sounds like a perfect story for you. This book does not have smut, comment if you'd like smut...
  • oneshot
  • dragon
  • anime
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A love shared by a dragon // kobayashi-san chi no dragonmaid fanfic by FloofyMia
A love shared by a dragon // kobay...by Mia
woAh tHe AnGsT
  • kobayashi
  • kanna
  • fafnir
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El Engaño de Kobayashi [Miss Kobayashi Maid Dragon] by AcidLafay
El Engaño de Kobayashi [Miss Kobay...by ♡ℒ𝒶𝒻𝒶𝓎♡
Últimamente, Kobayashi está llegando muy tarde a casa y lo peor, es que siempre lleva un olor a perfume de hombre en la ropa. Tohru obviamente duda de que sea por el tra...
  • dragon
  • maid
  • yuri
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Enri and her Dragon Friend by Usagi_Aria
Enri and her Dragon Friendby Ari Sama
I've been really into Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid lately, and of all my favorite characters . . . Fafnir is #1 . . . obviously! So here's a sweet fanfic series for you...
  • drama
  • littlesisteroc
  • fafnir
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Itsumi The Dragon//A Dragon Maid FanFic by AnnaDragon05
Itsumi The Dragon//A Dragon Maid F...by AnnaDragon
Throughout Itsumi's life Tohru has always been with her. After a shocking disappearance Itsumi seeks out to find Tohru... soon learning a horrible truth along with it. B...
  • heartbreak
  • anime
  • fanfiction
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Dormir Contigo. by MinakaSuzumiya
Dormir Contigo.by Minaka Suzumiya
Kobayashi San Chi No Maid Dragon. ¡Advertencia! ¡Yaoi! Una noche, Fafnir siente el Deseo de querer Dormir en lugar de jugar Ideo Juegos toda la Noche como siempre lo hac...
  • maid
  • maiddragon
  • dragon
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