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He wanted to sleep. That's all he craved was the content darkness of his eyelids and his mind. His scar itched, the noise of the alarm clock that (Name) set for him blaring in his ears. His patrol had ran long the night before and his eyes ached and stung as always when he closed them. 

(Name) welcomed him home with a cup of coffee and his eyedrops. The morning fled through the curtains, the memory of wanting to buy blackout curtains surfaced in his mind. (Name) shot that down, her small fear of the dark as an excuse and that she would never know when it was day time. 

Shota swung his arm flat on the bed, expecting a groan and a slap to the chest. He found a cold wrinkled spot which caused him to furrow his brows. She didn't have work today

He attempts to push that small feeling of dread down as he sits up with a sigh. His back cracks and he groans when stretching. Shota rubs his eyes, wincing from the ache and dryness.

There's a note taped to the dresser on your side, a reminder for him. 

Put your drops in and take a shower, you smelled sweaty last night. Love you.  


A tired smile pulls at his lips, she always knows when his eyes are bothering him. The smell of grease and bitter coffee enters his nose. He makes sure to set the water to its hottest setting, the warmth taking the slight ache in his body away. 

He took his time in the shower, the steam curling around him as he scrubbed himself clean. Shota makes sure to clean all of the sweat and grime from his hair before letting it hang to dry around his shoulders. 

(Name) was humming a tune, not even a song, just a random mash of notes. She had already prepared two cups of coffee for her and Shota, the smoke whipping away and the aroma fluttering around the kitchen. 

She hadn't noticed Shota in the doorway, watching her. That gnawing feeling he felt for her safety earlier diminished. She wore simple white sleep shorts, one of his T-shirts that hung off her frame. He had forgotten that she had gotten hot after late night activities. Her hair was up in a messy bun, she had washed it the night before. 

(Name) turned around and let out a squeak, causing Shota to smirk. She playfully glared at him. 

"What have I told you about watching me from the doorway. It's creepy." she sets the plates down and hands him his coffee.

"No. I'm admiring art." he quips. (Name) blushes as she sips her coffee, averting her eyes from him. 

"D-don't say things like that!" he chuckles at her flustered state, amused he could still make her nervous even after all this time. He eyes her wedding ring. 

He enjoys the food she cooked, (Name) had always had a flare for cooking his favorite meals. Even before they had dated and were friends, she insisted that she would cook meals for him daily. That he couldn't live off of squeezy pouches forever. 

She made him smile even then, though he hated to admit it to anyone. He liked to keep things mellow and people out of his business. But she had found a way to squirm into his life, and he let her. Especially after he found out she liked the color yellow and sleeping bags. Only now he has to hide his. 

Yamada had a habit of teasing the pair whenever (Name) would walk Shota to work. Nemuri asking (Name) about their intimate life and if he was good in bed. The two could only laugh as (Name) got flustered and red faced. 

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