Plans and Information

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**I do apologize for all the cliffhangers but you have to admit it makes a story better!**

It can't be to late in the night, but just enough for the street lamps to come on and illuminate Shota's shadow on the sidewalk. His hands are in his pockets and breaths of cold air come from his lips in white puffs. 

It's been three days and they haven't had a bit of information. Yesterday, the pros got together and held a meeting to announce that heroes on nearby cities should keep an eye out. 

Everyday that goes by when they don't budge an inch makes Shota angrier and angrier, they weren't trying hard enough. But then again; what was there to go on? 

There had been no clues of Dabi's whereabouts when leaving the house, no one has seen him since. In the back of his mind, Shota had a feeling that this was a lot bigger than what it was supposed to be. More than a kidnapping. 

His brain was elsewhere and it drifted back to only hours ago when he had been at home. He found your test, and it was positive. She was pregnant the whole time and didn't think to mention it? dammit that was her appointment wasn't it? 

Shota's fists gripped the fabric of his pockets, he was sure his knuckles were turning white. He had threw the test on the bed and left, he wasn't going to give up. 

He had been on patrol since; trying to find some sort of lead. Or maybe even find Dabi. 

Shota sighed as the white air from his mouth disappeared. He had been surveying the area from the roof of a building. There wasn't much activity but he had heard a civilian talking about some underground villain recruiter.

That was enough for Shota to make his way underground. He was taking his time, it was likely that the civilians were just gossiping. He was actually enjoying the stroll, the lights weren't to bright which was a relief for his eyes. 

The scuff of a shoe made Shota stop however. He listened and carefully yet slowly reached for his scarf.

"I wouldn't." 

That voice, but why would he just show up like this? 

The dark kept him well hidden, something he did well in the shadows. He knew how to lurk. His stapled face glinted against the bulbs of light from the street lamps. That same lazy smile and relaxed body language. 

Shota felt his body tense, the grip on his capture weapon tightening. The glare he held could level a town. 

"Pretty daring of you to show your face at a time like this....considering your wanted for kidnapping." 

Shota was trying to make him buckle, if he could manipulate his words enough they could get some where. Dabi chuckled and flicked his neck to look up at the lights. 

"It's nice to see you again too Eraserhead. But I'm afraid that I don't have a clue what your talkin about." 

Dabi felt a fabric wrap around his wrist and tug. The grip of Shota's scarf was enough to have Dabi shift and bring his back to the wall. He was caged by the scarf and it released him to be replaced with Shota's hands digging into Dabi's shirt. 

He knew where (Name) was, he knew that Shota knew that too. He was playing with him, there's no way Dabi would let himself be captured. 

"I know you have information regarding a woman named (Name). So tell me, where is she?" 

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