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That gnawing feeling didn't go away. He expected it to just be the annoyance of sleep deprivation. But once he got through his first class and then came lunch, It was still there. Shota always made it a note not to check his phone too frequently during work. But that feeling was eating away at him from the inside out. You would've called him if something wasn't right. He knew you would, you always had a special ringtone set just so he would know. 

The teachers lounge was semi full, as always. Some pros had a free period giving them time to patrol the streets if they liked, Midnight being one of them. Shota was glad, dealing with one of his friend's was enough than the both of them right now. Snipe and Hizashi were chowing in some sort of food. All Might was in his true form, slumped near the coffee maker. Everyone seemed so mundane at the moment; no villains, no classes, just being.  

Shota took a seat himself, near Hizashi of course in fear that he would harass him for not being seated near his yellow haired friend. It still didn't help however when Hizashi caught wind of Shota sitting there he burst into his unique attitude.

"Aizawa! you never take a break man! put those papers away and RELAX! Be excited! you and I get to teach a training course next!"

Shota winced, the volume of his best friend was more overwhelming than usual. Snipe chuckled to himself, an unlikely pair of friends. 

The stoic teacher sighed and sent Hizashi a half glare, "I'm busy actually working Yamada, something your not used to." 

Hizashi wasn't prone to acting foolish all of the time, he noticed that Aizawa kept glancing at his phone on his left side. He remembered that his good friend rarely ever used the thing, if he wasn't that close to Aizawa the man would possibly still not even have one. 

"You sure buddy? you keep looking at your phone, everything good?!" He was concerned so he kept his voice in a lower setting. 

Shota didn't answer at first, his brows stayed crinkled in the middle of his forehead. His fingers twitched, at the ready whenever his phone wanted to ring. Something had to be wrong. It had to be. He never got these feelings for something small. 

He felt Yamada looming over him, how long had he been there again? Shota wasn't in the mood for his nitpicking antics today, not right now. 

His stack of graded papers had remained untouched, still tucked inside their yellow folder. Shota had meant to start on them while he waited, but all he could do was watch his phone. He kept hearing Toshinori sipping his coffee. 

Shota let out another loud exhale, he was stressed. He was trying to talk himself down. 

Maybe there isn't anything wrong.

(Name) is probably at her appointment. She's fine

No one is in danger.

As if the world had it out for him today his phone buzzed over and over. It was an unknown number, but he answered anyway. He stepped away from the table, Hizashi bellowing for him to say who it was. 


"Um, Hello? Is this Mr. Aizawa?" 

"Yes, who is this?"

"We're sorry to bother you sir but it says here that your (Name) Aizawa's personal contact?" 

"Yes, I'm her husband. What is it is she alright?"

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