Hopeful for My Hero

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**Okay just to get this out of the way, I've been wondering is it Shota or Shouta? because I google it and it'll come up as Shota for wiki fandom. I just wanted to make sure that I'm spelling it right ya know?**

It smelled like blood. That was all that (Name) could tell at this point. Her entire body hurt. She felt disgusted, how could she let this happen to her? To them? 

She had been taking a nap, she hadn't felt well. When she woke up it had been hot in the house, it hadn't been that warm when she laid down. She didn't know his name but her quirk didn't stand a chance against his. 

Her body was stiff she didn't want to open her eyes yet. She didn't want to see that she wasn't in her house anymore. 

(Name) opened them anyway, it was dark. What light that there was in the room was coming from the boarded up window. She scanned her surroundings looking to see if there was anything that she could use against her attacker. 

There wasn't anything in her room except a blanket, which was odd to her. The room wasn't cold to her. The walls were slightly cracked and the ceiling was leaking from across the room. 

There was only one door and even that looked raggedy and unsafe. (Name) didn't see a light switch so the shadows remained around her. 

Her head throbbed the pain was a powerful dull annoyance. She took in her other wounds. She had thrashed around so much in the beginning that she hadn't felt the blistering of her skin. Paying attention she ran her fingers over the welts on her arm. 

She made a move to get up but winced, there were two sources of pain. (Name) felt something weighing her down. She looked down and saw that what looked like a security bracelet attached to her ankle. 

(Name) sighed and sat back down to address her other injury. Her hands shook as she lifted her shirt. A strangled sob slipped through her lips as she surveyed her stomach. A small burn was on her right side, her guess was that's where he assailant had held her. 

A good sized contusion was spreading over the front, near her belly button. The purple splotch was tender to the touch. 

She wouldn't cry, she couldn't cry. Her stress level was high enough as it was. (Name) ran a hand over her belly, biting her lip. She missed Shota. He's gotta know I'm gone now

The door creaked open and (Name) yanked her shirt down. The figure walked in and slouched into himself looking nonchalant. 

"Well don't you look well rested, that nap did you good didn't it?" 

His voice was deep and laced with sarcasm. (Name) took in his face. He certainly looked like a villain. His skin was odd looking, half normal and the rest was wrinkled and purple. What got her was the staples that held the said skin together. 

He had a relaxed mood and his eyes drooped, he looked carefree. He stood there with his hands in his pockets. (Name) couldn't find the right words.

"So your a villain?" 

She chose how she spoke, carefully. She didn't want to get him riled up and cause him to hurt her more, not when her quirk wouldn't work. 

The man smirked, he shifted his neck to look out the boarded up window, the light had caught his face to reflect his electric blue eyes. (Name) could tell he could scare people by looking at them if he wanted to.

"If that's what you'd like to think, yes. But I go by Dabi." 

Yes, Dabi. (Name) knew that specific name from somewhere. She had remembered Shota had spoken about someone with that name who had worked with the League of Villains. They had kidnapped one of his students. 

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