Safe (Final Chapter)..

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**I have honestly loved making this mini book, even though I have received no comments it had been very popular. Also just to clarify, I know about the cycle of a baby so whatever I put In this chapter that sounds crazy, it's because it's not true so.**

Her breathing was stable for now, though her hand was cold. They had arrived at Hosu hospital hours ago. Shota couldn't tell how late it was, only that it was dark outside and he didn't care. (Name's) body was slowly trying to recuperate itself. 

The doctors said that she shouldn't have even survived after the second quirk transfusion, normally the body can barely handle two quirks. They have been running tests on her since she came in. 

Shota felt angry that all this time (Name) was being tested on. Her body being put through life threatening tests, all with growing a baby. 

All Might had called Shota, explaining that one of Giran's men had not so willingly confessed to what Giran had planned. To infuse almost five quirks on someone was psychotic. 

Shota figured out that by removing (Name's) original quirk, Giran thought that would make room for more. 

He grasped her hand tighter, laying his forehead arm their intertwined hands. The doctors had hooked her up to a machine that would cleanse her blood of the quirks Giran gave her. They didn't know if it worked, but the consequence was that (Name) may remain quirkless after. 

Shota dreaded that thought, she would be even more vulnerable. He squeezed her hand and sat up to scan her body. 

The monitor held a steady beat of her heart, but she looked dead. An infection had spread into the tissue of her ankle, requiring surgery. Her body was wrapped with bandages but her face remained still, covered in scrapes. 

His eyes ached while watching her chest rise and fall, a rhythmic cycle of breaths. She had endured so much and it was his fault. He couldn't shake that hounding grief. 

Shota's eyes stared at her stomach, it was protruding through her now fitting shirt. The doctors had the news whether the baby was alive or not. Shota had chosen to wait until (Name) wakes up to know the news himself. 

(Name's) form looked so small laying in the white bed, hooked up to every wire known to man. She had always been shorter and smaller than him, but right now it looked as if her entire body was atrophied. 

Of course his students had practically ran to the hospital when hearing that their favorite teachers wife was safe and in the hospital. 

Only family were aloud in her room though, the next hours would be critical for (Name). Nurses and doctors came to check in every hour. After missing her for so long and wanting to apologize endlessly for not protecting her. Shota had nothing to say. 


(Name's) mind was foggy, she tried to open her eyes but they felt glued. Her arms, her legs, everything felt like it was on fire or bruised beyond compare. 

She felt broken, her mind convincing her that she was still in that basement. Just waiting for Giran to come in and administer her next quirk. 

(Name) wanted to scream, but every time she tried her mouth wouldn't open. She wanted to cry but no tears would come. She cursed at herself for falling asleep so easily. (Name's) skin itched and to her surprise she couldn't scratch it. 

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