Kitchen Affairs (Bonus)

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**you guys love this book so much I really don't get why but I appreciate every one of you! So here's a little present for you all**

The crisp air was stale as the night droned on. The quietness of the evening was peaceful. There was no noise in their newly refurbished home. Not a sound to be heard. Only for the slow breathing of an exhausted man.

He had put up with a lot from his wife. She was ready to pop any day now and the year had not exactly been in their favor. (Name's) phobia of the dark has long diminished but was replaced by nonstop cravings.

She also developed a sense of needy behavior. Wanting to be around her husband along with his students. Aizawa has trouble getting the class to stop talking whenever she would show up.

He wouldn't trade any of it though. Not a single thing. The moment he almost lost her still rolls through his head. He never thought he was man who would want, let alone deserve this life.

Rolling over, the pro hero subconsciously reaches for where his wife would be beside him. Usually he would wrap his strong masculine hand around the mountain that was her pregnant belly. But something was off.

His burning and sleep deprived eyes crack open. Adjusting to the darkness that covers the bedroom. Aizawa looks around, the urge to groan becoming too strong to fight off.

He looks to the empty but still warm spot to his right. A knowing sigh leaves his lips. This again?

Even though he knew what was up, Aizawa still had that dark and cold feeling in the pit of his gut. That feeling he had not too long ago. Of her not being there when he wakes up. Something he had to adjust to once he finally got (Name) back.

The bed creeks as he sits up, slipping on the cat faces slippers (Name) had gotten him for his birthday. His back was sore as he stretches.

His keen vision has adjusted enough so that he could make his way through their shared home with ease. Of course, Aizawa shakes his head at the smalls curses coming from down the hall.

Flipping on the light switch next to the kitchen; Aizawa squints against the strong beams. With a knowing but emotionless expression he stares at his wife.

Her eyes were wide as she had been caught red handed. With one hand stuck inside the pickle jar, the other bringing up a spoon of ice cream ready to be eaten.

Her husband didn't have much to say, as this wasn't the first time. "How long you gonna keep this up (Name)?" He mumbles.

His wife puts down her spoon and takes out a pickle from the king sized jar, "I'm sorry! It's the baby!" She whines.

Aizawa makes a hmm sound from the back of his throat. The fatigue already beginning to consume him once again. He steps towards his wife who struggles to get herself down from atop the kitchen counter.

Wrapping his muscled arms around her waist he eases her towards him, her feet coming in contact with the cold floor. Aizawa's arms remain around her swollen form, finding comfort. That, and the fact that she was wearing only one of his larger shirts and panties.

"You should come back to bed." He mutters against the crown of her head. His eyes gliding shut.

(Name) sighs as she turns and puts the lid back on the jar. "I'm coming, I'm coming. You miss me that much?" She teases.

She squeaks as he squeezes her waist. His forehead coming to rest on her own. "More like you weigh down the other side of the bed so I'm not used to all that room."

Subconsciously he brings his hand to where it belongs. Just over hers, resting over where the baby was fairly active. No, he wouldn't give this up for anything. No matter how many kitchen affairs his wife had.

**even though this book is over and done with I'm still glad everyone likes it so much! Enjoy!**

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