The Broker

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**Alrighty! keep in mind that this is a fanfiction so please no judgment if I make stuff up or get it wrong.**

It hadn't been cold in that room with Dabi, but it was freezing to (Name) right now. She was sure that her clothes were covered with dirt and scorch marks. She hadn't gotten any sleep in that room, the water leak from the ceiling had been her only source of fluids. 

Her mind kept drifting off to the bad possibilities of her situation. What if she never saw Shota again? or her friends. What if she died? 

What Dabi had said before leaving had stuck with (Name), he was selling her? She had ended up using that blanket that was left in there. 

(Name) couldn't tell what time it was when Dabi had come back to the room, no light had been showing through the boards on the window. She didn't bother to fight back against him, the first time didn't help her. 

She was waiting for her moment, volunteering in the hospital she knew several different points of entry on the body that could be fatal. (Name) was still half asleep when Dabi had blind folded her; He kept muttering about how he was doing this on his own and how they should be paying him extra. 

She only really woke up when he slung her over his shoulder, his strength surprising her because of his lanky figure. (Name) didn't bother to move, it wouldn't have done her any good. She could feel the goosebumps creeping up on her exposed skin. 

The air smelled fresh, she could tell it was at least early. The wind blew a soft breeze, enough to make (Name) shutter. She could feel Dabi's body shake as he chuckled. 

They hadn't been walking too long and soon (Name) heard other voices. 

"This her?" They all sounded masculine.

She heard Dabi give a hum in response. 

"Man, you got a great view there huh Dabi?" whoever said that had chuckled, (Name) cringed at his perverted childishness. 

She didn't hear Dabi say anything, which probably meant he was glaring. She felt a hand glide down her calve. It made her leg jolt. 

"Yeah Dabi, didn't know you had a thing for older women." 

Another crack at him and this time Dabi sighed in annoyance, "Shut up and let's go." 

A cold service hit (Name's) legs, she pulled her legs to her chest and breathed on her hands trying to warm them. Why is it so cold in here? 

She tried to heighten her other senses and could hear cars passing by, none of them could possibly know she was in here. 

She could feel herself rocking and feel the potholes that the truck kept hitting, probably on purpose. (Name) rested a hand on her stomach again, nothing was there yet and she was becoming concerned that Dabi would slip and tell whoever was buying her. 

They had been driving for an hour maybe, she couldn't tell. The trucks tires screeched and the front doors opened. She could hear their footsteps coming to the back cab of the vehicle, their carefree laughter making her nauseous. 

The doors swung open and warm arms grabbed her, she was swung over a familiar shoulder. She could always make out the smell of Dabi by the musky smell his clothing held. 

There were at least three other men surrounding them, that much (Name) could tell. A mans voice was heard but it was muffled like he was in another room. 

She could hear another door open, the putrid odor of cigarette smoke penetrated her nose, making her cough. There was a raspy voice over by the desk, her sounded powerful. 

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