A Lead and a Hero

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**Wow! okay so this mini book has been the most popular story on my works aside from my Todoroki Story and Bleach x reader. 50 reads in 2 days! I know that's not much to some people but to me it's everything, so thank you everyone whose voted and read my story**

There had to be some darker meaning in all of this nonsense. Shota's mind was running wild while he walked towards the school. It had been only one day since his encounter with Dabi. 

The villain got away unscathed, luckily so did Shota. But he still couldn't understand why he would kidnap (Name). Dabi wouldn't do anything to help anyone else, unless there was something in it for him. 

It had officially been four days without his wife. He took patrols every night and sat in meetings with the police station during the day. 

He wanted to do more, a lot more. But after his encounter with Dabi; principle Nezu had told him that he was distracted and could have very well died. But the only thing that he ever thought about now was her and his baby. 

Nezu had called Shota this morning and asked if he could come in to teach his class today. He wanted to go out and look for (Name) again but he knew he had to be there for his students. They were just as worried for him. 

Shota sighed and buried his face into his scarf more before walking into his classroom. There wasn't any laughter or yelling when he walked in. A rarity for class 1-A. Shota turned to his class and all eyes were on him. 

Each student had his gaze as well, they were waiting. But he had nothing to say. 

"Mr. Aizawa?" Uraraka was the first to speak, her voice timid. 

Her teacher looked to her and forced himself not to glare, they were wanting good news. Shota closed his eyes and exhaled. 

"Before you all harass me with questions...No I haven't heard anything...now get your books out."

The students turned to glance at one another, a pregnant silence among them. Was their teacher giving up?


(Name) shivered in her place where she lay collapsed on the floor. It wasn't cold in the room anymore, and she was sweating. But she couldn't help but feel this cold spreading through her belly. 

Giran had drained the rest of her quirk yesterday. (Name) spent the rest of that evening hooked up to an IV, receiving her fourth quirk infusion. Her body felt tired, she was weak. 

They hadn't fed her much, not that (Name) expected them to. Giran claimed the reason being that her body had to build up a tolerance to being in a weak state. The only food she received was when his men gave her their leftovers, but she provides for herself. 

When she wasn't hooked up, Giran would make (Name) practice her quirks. Regeneration was taking to her, next it was growing plants and other earthily things, then the ability to disintegrate things. She had questioned where Giran had gotten the blood for that quirk. His only response was Shigaraki scratches his neck to much. 

They each came with draw backs, massive ones that took a toll on her. The regeneration worked when Giran made his men cut off her finger. But when it comes to her scars, they stay. 

The earth quirk was an asset when she's alone, being able to grow her own fruit then dismissing the tree when they come back. Though when using it to much her arms begin to bleed from where the roots grow. 

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