Dare- Pitch, Vikklan & WoofASF

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Rob's P.O.V.

I sighed as Jerome tugged me out of bed, dragging me along the ground and into the hallway, all the while whinging and complaining that we had to go. I didn't even try to cooperate, I was tired after having just gotten off a plane the night before and I couldn't even pretend that I wanted to go the convention I was that exhausted.

"Come on Rob!" He whined, sitting down in the hallway beside me and pulling me into his lap. "We're gotta get up!"

"No." I mumbled, crawling up into his lap and burying my head in his chest. He sighed and ran his hand through my hair, kissing me gently but he knew he wasn't going to be giving up. It took a few minutes before he spoke up again.

"You going to get up now?" I continued to whine and complain but I reluctantly stood up and let him drag me down to the kitchen, where the other boys were already up and dressed. Vikk waved to me, the only one who was paying attention.

Lachlan was resting his head on the kitchen bench, sitting at the barstool and swinging his feet back and forth, Vikk sitting beside him. He was as tired as I was because we had gotten off the same flight the night before. Preston was sitting on the bench with a bowl of cereal in hand and Mitch was sprawled on the floor, looking like he was dead. I could see the rise and fall of his chest though, so I knew he was fine.

"Morning Rob." Lachlan mumbled, with his face still planted on the table in front of him. I slipped into a chair beside him while Jerome stuck some bread in the toaster and then leaned up against me, gently massaging my shoulders to try and get me to wake up.

"How long until we have to go?" Mitch groaned from the floor.

"Less than an hour." Vikk replied, yawning and sipping on his coffee. Everyone seemed to be really tired even though they had had a few more days than Lachlan and I, who had flown in from Canada to meet them, days after they had arrived.

Mitch sighed and stood up, practically falling against Preston who put down his cereal and hugged his boyfriend. I giggled a little as Jerome slid a plate of toast in front of me and watched as Preston wrapped his arms around the slightly older boy, hugging him close. They were close and weren't shy about showing their affection in front of others.

"You gotta eat Rob." Jerome mumbled, leaning against me. "We're going soon." I sighed but reluctantly started eating, knowing he was right.

"Fine." I mumbled, rubbing my eyes. "You win. For now."


At the convention we were ushered back stage and then prepared for the meet and greet and then the panel we were doing. We had seen a lot fans coming in and so we knew that we would be there for a while, hours and hours probably, and I knew I would be dead by the end of it.

Jerome knew it to because in the time before the meet and greet he let me curl up on top of him while we relaxed on a couch, running his hands through my hair and just listened to me complain with a grin on his face.

"I get it babe, you're tired. You don't need to advertise it to the world." I pouted.

"Watch me." It was at that point that he rolled over and dumped me off the couch, leaving me pouting like a little kid on the floor until the meet and greet began.


If I was being honest, I didn't remember most of the meet and greet afterwards. I was so bloody tired that I almost fainted as we were walking to the panel, Jerome literally had to support me because otherwise I would end up on the floor.

The one thing I did remember was all the fangirls squealing over our ships and loving that we were out. Obviously it wasn't the most popular ships, Vikklan was the only one of them, and it disappointed some, but most loved it.

Vikk and Lachlan were in much the same position, Lachlan had expressed earlier how much he'd love to curl up in the corner and either sleep or die, preferably the latter, and now he was barely functioning. We had a tiny break of half an hour before the panel and I took it as an opportunity to nap, Lachlan did too, although it didn't help much.

On the panel I tried to seem at least somewhat conscious, answering questions when I was asked and laughing along when I was paying attention but the fans did notice that Lachlan and I, and Mitch a little too, were a little out of it.

"I think we're all a little tired, don't worry. I had a nap before this and I should be able to stay conscious but I don't know if Rob will." Lachlan said into the mic, running his hands through his hair. If he looked visibly exhausted then I would hate to see how I looked.

Right at the end of the meet and greet I was barely awake, Jerome had to nudge me ever few minutes to make sure that I was still listening, but then someone asked something that peaked my interest.

"Kiss?" There was a lot of shouting and giggling at that suggestion and Preston and Mitch, the only pair who had both members conscious, leaned in for a kiss at once. It was slow but like a PG sort of kiss where it was loving and gentle and nothing else.

Because Lachlan was resting with his head on the table Vikk just leaned over and pecked his lips, both of their faces hidden from view of the audience but when they pulled away Vikk was bright red and Lachlan hid his face in his arms. That was much to the disappointment of the audience, who yelled for a proper kiss.

Unfortunately they didn't but I think Jerome and I made up for it when I finally sat up, leaned across the table and kissed Jerome fiercely and held the kiss for several seconds. There was screaming from the fangirls and laughter from some of the others, knowing we were trying to outdo them.

We pulled away bright red and flustered and then waved goodbye to the audience, who were all screaming and yelling excitedly, but I was now wide awake.

"Oi!!!" Vikk teased. "Trying to outdo us are you!" I knew he was joking so it didn't bother me and I even stuck my tongue out back at him.

Back at the hotel all of us spent the rest of the day sprawled on the couches in the living room. Even though I was exhausted I didn't actually manage to fall asleep before most of the others, Lachlan was the first out within only a few minutes, asleep and snoring with Vikk resting on top of him.

Mitch and Preston were the next ones gone, sprawled on the beanbag and then Jerome went, surprising me because of how awake he had seemed earlier in the day. Vikk grinned at me from where he was nestled in Lachlan's side and finally I closed my eyes, content.

I was happy.

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