Chapter Three

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It was Jin who spoke up first, getting up from his seat. The rest of the class began to shuffle around restlessly, sitting back in different seats, but now closer to the front of the room.

Jisoo eyed the door again, triple checking it was firmly locked.

"I saw Chaeyoung, I'm sure of it. She was—"

"Are you trying to say that she killed the teacher or something?" Jungkook burst out, glaring at the girl.

Jisoo furrowed her eyebrows together.
"I—what? No I never said that—"

"You didn't have to." He glowered, tugging on Jisoo's collar, pulling her roughly to him.

"Don't talk shit about my girl like that."

"Okay, can we all relax for a second and stay calm?" Jennie suddenly called out, waving a hand in front of Jungkook. Jin eased the boy off of her, Jisoo shook her head.

"Why isn't anyone going out to look for her! A teacher just died! She could be in danger too!"

"God, Kooks, just take a chill pill and relax. She'll be fine." Lisa rolled her eyes.

"Are we even sure that Jisoo isn't playing a prank on us?"

Jennie scoffed. "Lisa, that's enough."

"I'm just suggesting some actual explanations for this. There's no fucking way someone killed sunsaeng-nim."

"Oh what? You think I just killed the teacher, hacked into the electrical system and somehow busted our WiFi too? Just for a fucking prank?"

Jisoo crossed her arms. "You really think I would waste my time pulling that bullshit just to scare all of you?"

She snatched her phone from the table. "Lisa, you think I would fake a murder like this, when the hallways smell like someone literally died, ask Wendy to start fake crying, and also paint a goddamn message in someone's blood on the wall?"

Jisoo shoved her phone into Lisa's hand.

"Take a look, bitch. Stop pinpointing everything on me. I'm just trying to warn all of you that this clearly isn't a drill anymore."

People turned to peer over Lisa's shoulder, who glanced at the picture on Jisoo's phone.

It was definitely the picture of their teacher, but also a message.

On the wall, written in a dangerous sort of liquid that Jisoo refused to acknowledge as what she didn't want to think it was...

Hide and Seek bitches! Try to find me and you die! So be a good little kid, and stay in your classrooms. This one gets out.

The blonde gasped, passing back the phone. Irene gasped almost a millisecond after, following with the rest of the girls in the room.

Yoongi groaned. "Lisa, if you still think this is a prank, I will personally send you out there to go look for Chaeyoung."

"She could die out there if she's still wandering around!" Jungkook interjected. Lisa shushed him again.

"Jin, give him a slice of pizza so he shuts up."

"Hell no. If we aren't allowed to leave the classroom, I'm saving this box until I really need it."

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