Chapter Eight

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When Jisoo and Seokjin reentered the room, they were met with a variety of mixed emotions.

"Jisoo, thank god you're okay!"

"Jin, where the hell is your pizza?"

"Finally you two are back." Irene rolled her eyes. "Any updates on getting service?"

Jisoo ignored her, turning to Jennie. "We should get moving. I know it's only been a few hours into one day here, but we have to figure out a way to get rid of this serial killer." She turned to Jin.

"We have to find the janitor's closet. That has all the switches, we can turn the lights back on."

"Smart idea." Namjoon responded, getting up from his chair. "When do we leave?" 

"In a few minutes." Seokjin responded before Jisoo could open her mouth to protest. He turned sharply to her. "Jisoo, you need to stop running around so much. We almost got killed out there twice, I need a breather."

"Twice?" Yeri squeaked. "What if..."

"Nothing will happen." Jisoo snapped curtly. "Nothing. Will. Happen."

It's like at this point she was just trying to convince herself more than anything else. 

The brunette glanced over at the far corner, noticing Jungkook sitting quietly for once. Maybe it was the shock that his girlfriend was dead. Though he almost choked her, Jisoo felt herself strangely sympathizing with him. She didn't like much of the popular kids, one being him, but their current situation was making her see everyone much differently. 

Jisoo took heed to Jin's words, heading up to the back of the classroom where no one could bother her. Jennie didn't follow after, knowing that the girl probably needed some time alone. 

"Here." The first thing that entered her vision was pizza slice, then Jin's hand. Slumped down on the floor, the brunette turned up to look at him. 

"I don't--"

"Eat it." He responded back flatly, taking her hand and sitting the slice in her hand. "Jisoo, you're one of the leaders here. I don't need you passing out on me." 

"Jin, I'm fine."

"No you are not." He sat down next to her. "I have thought out very precisely on who to give my pizza slices to. You should be thankful that you are one of them."

"Wow." Jisoo rolled her eyes. "I'm so flattered?"

"You should be." 

Maybe he was right. After taking a bite from the pizza, Jisoo realized how hungry and tired she actually was. The constant anxiety of that man appearing from one the halls at any given second stressed her out more than taking the SAT. It doubled her anxiety to a 100. 

I'm taking a nap." She stated. "Wake me up in twenty minutes. Then we'll get moving." 

Jin didn't respond to her, then watched the girl close her eyes promptly, and fall asleep with her head resting against the wall. Jin didn't realize how well of a team that the two of them were. He always assumed she was just this pretty, smart girl. He actually only knew of her as Bobby's ex girl. Made sense why they had been a thing for a while. Jisoo had a personality which shone far more than the exterior that she liked to show.

Getting up and stretching his arms, Seokjin sighed, and draped his hoodie over her shoulders. Then smiled to himself, before walking away. 

a/n: people are going to start dying soon :3

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