Chapter Two

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UPON HEARING those words, their teacher got up to simply lock the door. They were in the lower level of the school so there was no need to close any windows, since they had none.

"Just uh, stay in your seats and keep working. We don't need to huddle in the corner like little children." Jinhee instructed, then sat back at her seat.

"But stay silent."

A few rows back, there was a soft groan.

"Damn Jin, that pizza smells really good."

The voice definitely belonged to Joy, the girl who sat next to him in math. Also another friend of Jennie's, she was #4 in Irene's quintet.

They consisted of her, Joy, Seulgi, Yeri, and Wendy. Rather than having one group that dominated the whole school like a group of Queens, they were another type that were also watched in the halls.

Either wanted to be them or date them. Especially Irene.

Everyone wanted Irene.

"You can't have a slice if that's what you're thinking." The male retorted back with a snort. Jinhee glanced up sharply, shushing the two.

"What did I say about being quiet? You wouldn't be talking if this was an actual drill would you?"

"Okay let's be honest sunsaeng-nim," Jimin cupped his chin with the palm of his hand. "when would we ever have an actual lockdown? The probability is so improbable—our school is legit the safest place ever."

Jinhee's eyes darkened.
"How nice Jimin, you're applying your lack of knowledge on probability in my class. Do your work and shut up."

Jisoo heard the males around his whistle lowly. Jennie tried stifling her laugh, seeing that the brunette found the situation humorous, Jisoo cracked a smile.

"Still working diligently over there, Jisoo?" Lisa's taunting voice hissed through the classroom.

Unbeknownst to their teacher, who now had her earbuds plugged in, Jisoo sighed. She straightened her back, turning sharply to shoot an icy glare to Lisa from across the room.

Lisa gasped mockingly. "So...I was right?"

"You know, I really hate to say it, but you learn to fuck off sometimes." Jisoo flipped her off with those words, turning back in her seat.

Jennie giggled again.

"It's really funny when you get annoyed."

"Well, I'm always annoyed in some shape or I'm delighted to know that you find me amusing." She hummed back, turning over the packet.

"By the way," Jisoo whispered. "Now would be good to explain that whole Jongin situation."

Jennie's eyes widened, before awkwardly laughing.

"Oh, forget what I said. It's nothing."

"Jennie." She whined back. "Tell me, I promise I won't tell anyone."

"I don't know..."

"I don't even have enough close friends to spread that kind of rumor around."

Jennie rolled her eyes, turning to face the other brunette.

"Fine. Please don't let anyone know though."

"I swear on my grade in this class. And I have a good grade in this class."

"Well, I do like him. We talk a lot, I think."

"Is it more than you talk to Taehyung?"


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