Chapter One

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JISOO HATED her third period. Especially on Wednesdays, the day itself was just annoying because it wasn't like it was the end of the week, but it wasn't the beginning either.

In the middle. Jisoo didn't like the middle.

"That is too bad." Jennie suddenly chimed from besides her, chewing on a piece of bubblegum. "I wish you could come to my party. It would totally be fun."

"My parents are unfortunately, authoritarian like that. They won't even let me go to parties even if they end at eleven."

"Lie to them maybe? Tell them I changed it to ten, and try sneaking back inside your house once the party's done."

She shook her head, glancing up above at the chalkboard in front of the classroom. "Well one; they would see right through my lie. Two; they don't trust me enough to believe what I say. Three; they lock the doors and turn on the security alarms once they go to sleep. If I were to sneak in, they would know."

"Damn, you live a hard knock life. However did you manage to pull off dating Bobby?"

"Honestly Jen, I don't know either." Both the girls laughed at this, Jennie turned back to her notebook, jotting down the class objective.

Probably one of, or her only, best-friend, Jennie Kim had the likable personality of any student social butterfly. She fluttered from group to group, staying long enough to befriend, but never to start drama.

With Jennie, Jisoo was always given the latest details about the gossip circulating their school. Just last week, Jennie had informed the girl that apparently someone in the school was pregnant.

Jisoo shuddered, feeling a breeze come from the doorway.

It was Lalisa Manoban and Park Chaeyoung. Those two, strawberry blonde and blonde alike, ruled the school. From fancy purses to expensive leather jackets and manicured nails, they held the attention of almost every student that wished to be them, or wished to date them.

Lisa chewed on her own piece of gum, eyes landing on Jennie. The brunette was oblivious, not until Jisoo nudged her gently.

"Hey Jennie, about your party," The blonde eyed Jisoo in a condescending manner, as if to flaunt that she was going to the party. Who did this girl think she was?

Lisa cleared her throat, looking back to Jennie. "who's going to be there?"

"Originally it was me, Jisoo, you, Chaeyoung, the guys, Irene, Seulgi, Joy, Wendy, Yeri, and uh..." She paused, biting her lip. "Jongin. But Soo' said she can't be there due to more important things, so yeah."

Chaeyoung hummed, cat-like eyes narrowed on Jisoo. "More important things? Like what?"

"Don't you have better things to do than go prying into my own personal life, Chaeyoung?"

She shared a look with Lisa, both shrugged. "No."

"Are you too busy sucking up to your parents like the goody-two-shoes you already are?"

Jisoo rolled her eyes. "Pray tell me how I could possibly suck up to my own parents when they would risk the world for me?"

She knew her words were far from true, but in times like these, one had to spin their own lies and believe them like they were the holy truth.


"Jisoo, didn't you say you have that important dinner regarding a job at that one software company?"

She blinked, before nodding slowly. Lisa frowned, about to inquire more, when Chaeyoung butted in.

"Hold up, we don't have time to talk about your nonexistent life Jisoo." She gasped. "Jennie, did you seriously invite Jongin?"

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