Chapter Six

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More silence. Jisoo could conclude that they were dealing with a serial killer who had no motive behind their killings. Damn it.

"Remind me why I even decided to go here." Jisoo mumbled. "If I had known I was signing up for a suicide souvenir as a graduation present, I gladly would've declined."

"Same here." Jin aired, staring up at the ceiling. The duo hadn't moved an inch since they had heard those footsteps. Except that Jin had taken a seat on the floor next to her.

"How exactly are we supposed to get to the locker rooms if we can't make it past this hallway?"

"Move smart, I guess."

"How do we even reach the cafeteria?" She mumbled. "Especially with a class our size?"

"We'll manage."

"That doesn't sound convincing in the slightest."

"Well Jisoo, it's like that sometimes." Jin got up. "We should get going."

Extending a hand to the shorter girl, she grabbed it, hoisting herself up. "They'll probably eat your pizza sooner or later."

"I know."

She huffed. "A waste of money."

"That's if they find it. Once we found out this was legit, I hid it."

It was Jisoo's turn to laugh under her breath, shooting him a slightly impressed look.


"I know, how smart."

Jin peeked his head past the wall, seeing the coast was clear, then turned to keep walking. She eventually followed behind him, struggling to pick up her feet.

So Chaeyoung was definitely dead. No room for questioning that, they could see her dead body on the far side of the hallway, with another creepy message that neither of them would bother to go and read.

It wasn't worth it; they already knew what it was implying.

"Come on slow-poke, we don't have all day just to skulk around this one hallway. We have places to be." Seokjin sang out, ignoring Jisoo's glare in his direction shortly afterwards. He turned abruptly, resting a hand on her shoulder blade, then pushed her forward not-so-gently.

"You are a prick." She grumbled. "Leave me alone."

"Unfortunately for you, I cannot. We are stuck in this situation together, Einstein."

Jisoo shot him an unamused look, whilst Jin was smirking to himself.

"I'd say that was a pretty good nickname, considering how smart you are."

"I would be flattered that you complimented me, but I'm not."

"Damn, that line usually works."

"Now that's a game of probability. It won't work all the time."

"And you wonder why Sunsaeng-nim likes you so much?"

"I don't. I know I'm smart." Jisoo sassed back.

"Alright Jisoo. Whatever you say."

She glanced at him from the corner of her eye, then sighed. Jisoo didn't know what to make of him at all.

"Locker rooms are right down this hall." He mused, shoulder bumping into hers with his. "Is it fine if—"

"Relax, no girls are in the locker room right now." The brunette assured, as if reading his thoughts. Jin raised a brow in surprise.

"Wait, how did you—"

"I just know." Jisoo grinned to herself. "Come on Casanova, who knew you were so easy to read." 

It was her turn to smirk as she led the way inside the room. Jin watched her move ahead of him with lips slightly parted. He scoffed, then shook his head in disbelief before following her. 

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