Chapter Four

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"Lisa, that's a bit harsh." Jennie hissed, snatching the walkie-talkie from her. "We don't need your negativity right now."

"Don't you feel even a little bit bad?" Jimin questioned. "Your bestfriend literally just got murdered."

The thought was absurd. Who would even imagine to say those words?

"I said I don't care." Lisa gritted again, crossing her arms. "You think we were that close? You don't even know half the story."

Irene turned, arching an eyebrow. "Is this tea?"

Jisoo found herself groaning. "We really do not have time for this."

"Yes, I agree with brunette." Jin stated, pointing to Jisoo.

"It's Jisoo." She corrected bluntly.

"Whatever. We need to go upstairs."

"And why exactly?"

"Find an exit."

"Why not the ones down here?" Jisoo crossed her arms. "The ones down here are locked and bolted, what makes you think the ones upstairs wouldn't be? There are more students upstairs then down here, there's all the more reason to have those locked."

"Well then, we'll go to the cafeteria."

She smirked to herself. "That's a better idea." Then stole a look to Jennie, who snorted.

"I didn't think acting smart would look that sexy." Jin remarked, eyes still lingering on Jisoo.

He had known about her, probably because the girl was smart, but he didn't know that she had this much of a personality. The girl literally had more balls when compared to a lot of his other friends.

Strange to see. Jin oddly liked it.

"That's Jisoo." Namjoon mumbled. "Pretty face with a wicked attitude. Don't ever debate against her, she's hella smart and knows how to twist her words to make herself seem right."

"But, she's nice too. Nicer than Lisa ever will be." He added, then resumed to stare at the emergency lights with a tired sigh.

"So...what's the current plan?"

"Someone calm him down." Jisoo pointed at Jungkook, who glared at her instantly. "We don't need hot heads to give off our location."

"I am perfectly calm." He seethed. Jisoo shrugged.

"I can smell your irritation Jeon. Try me."

"What is this, I couldn't care less that Chaeyoung just died thing, that you just pulled blondie?" Irene mused. Lisa rolled her eyes.

"We don't have time for this."

"For once, I agree with her." Jisoo added, not missing a scowl from Lisa. She arched an eyebrow, warding off the look with her own.

"That walkie-talkie is still important. Someone could communicate with us." She handed it over to Jennie.

"Deuks, you're in charge of it. I'm going to go find the locker rooms."


"Wait what?"

"You're going back out?"

"Yes." She sighed. "Gym locker rooms will have spare uniforms, things we could possibly use in case of emergency."

"There's no way I am wearing a disgusting gym uniform."

"No one fucking asked you to Irene." Jisoo hissed. "I'm going now. So just be a dear, and don't annoy the life out of the people with you."

There was a long silence, as Jisoo reached for the doorknob.

"Mad balls Kim." Jin dusted off his jeans. "I'll come with you."

He heard Jisoo snort under her breath, even bearing the smallest of smirks.

"Alright Seok," Jisoo's tongue poked at her cheek. "try not to get hurt."

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