Chapter Five

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They were silent at the beginning, Jisoo had switched off her flashlight, sticking it into the pockets of her jacket.

"I thought I would be the one taking charge in this situation at first." Jin spoke up, walking besides Jisoo.

"Nice to know I'm not, I guess."

She was silent, before sighing. "Glad I could be of service then. Why do you even hang out with them? They're so..."

"I know they're airheads, well some of them are, but the few I associate with aren't bad."

"So Chaeyoung, Lisa, and Irene aren't bad."

"Not them." He cracked a knuckle. "I mean Hoseok, Namjoon, Yoongi...those other few are just there. I'm not especially close to them."

"Doesn't seem like you like Lisa and Chaeyoung all too much." Jin observed.

"I don't. They like to think Jennie can't be friends with anyone except them."

"So that's who it's about? Jennie?"

"Yeah." She shrugged. "I could care less, Chaeyoung is dead and if Lisa keeps this up...she may as well end up dead."

He turned his head to glance at her profile.

"Don't point fingers at me." Jisoo shifted her gaze to her shoes. "It just seems like Chaeyoung knew what was happening."


"She was gone for an awfully long time Jin. Who knows what she was doing?"

The question lingered in the air, allowing room for thousands of questions to implode.

Was this some personal reason? What they were all dealing with? It wasn't just some random mass murder? No serial killings?

She was an awful lot smarter than Jin expected. Not just Chaeyoung, so was Jisoo.

She managed to pick that up despite Chaeyoung seeming like the victim.

"So someone probably met Chaeyoung out here, and killed her."

"Not saying that, but it's theoretical."

Jin laughed under his breath. "This is madness."

"And I'm trying not to go insane by not overthinking it. Don't do that to yourself."

"It's hard not to."

"Well, better start trying harder." Jisoo was about to turn down the hall, when Jin yanked at her hand.

"What are you—"

"Sh." He held a hand over her mouth. Pressed against a wall in a corridor, Jisoo obliged, nodding.

They heard footsteps not too long afterwards, coming directly from the hall Jisoo had been about to turn.

Jisoo let out an exhale, resting her head against the wall. Jin was shocked by his choice to follow a strange gut instinct of his.

"That was way too close." He whispered, stepping away from her to a reasonable distance.

'How did you..."

"Don't question it. I don't know myself." 

Jisoo closed her eyes again, slumping down to the floor. That had been way too close. Way too close.

They literally could've died had Jin chosen to pull them both of sight. And even at the last second. That was scary. Way too scary. 

Jisoo was still a high school student, but all of a sudden she felt this immense pressure to just rise up as a leader, act older than she felt, act like she wasn't scared.

Oh, Jisoo was so fucking scared. She got scared whenever she stepped out in that cursed hall, but someone had to. Who else would, asides from Jin?

If he were to go on his own, that was pretty much a suicide mission. 

Besides, he was probably the only one who was willing to sacrifice one for the team. And Jisoo kind of needed that right now. 

She wouldn't go pointing fingers at Jennie. Jennie was naturally a weak girl. She wouldn't last a second in that hall even with Jisoo. 

"Thank you." The brunette murmured, before watching as he sat down next to her. 

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