Everything- Vikklan

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These are all requested by CrystalHeartRing and there's 4 different oneshots, all quite short.

Also in all of these they're already together.

Us- Vikklan

Vikk's P.O.V.

Lachlan was rambling on about anything he could think of as we sat on the couch beside each other, just like every other everyday, his feet kicking back and forwards. He was hyper because he had just finished a cup of coffee, and was an energetic toddler who wouldn't sit still.

"Vikky do you like Marvel?" He asked, bouncing up and down.

"Yes! I love Marvel!" I had lit up as soon as he mentioned Marvel, I loved Marvel with all of my heart and although Infinity War destroyed me, I still loved it.

He then started rambling on about everything Marvel, the upcoming movies and the fan theories, everything that we knew and everything that we didn't. I just smiled and agreed with everything he was saying, knowing that he wouldn't listen to me because he was so excited.

"Do you ships any of the characters?" He questioned, stopping his bouncing for a second to look over at me.

"Of course!" I was grinning, although I did ship some characters from the movies and comics there was one particular ship I was thinking of.

"Which is your favourite?"

I quickly leaned across the couch and kissed him, making him flush bright red.


Dom- Vikklan

Vikk's P.O.V.

"My parents are being so shitty! They grounded my brother because he got a C and it's their fault because they kept taking him out of school! And then they got mad at me for defending him!" I sighed, watching as Lachlan kept glancing back over me, his hands still on the wheel.

"So then I got grounded but obviously I snuck out-" Lachlan cut me off, rolling his eyes.

"I'm so sick of their bullcrap, you know what, I'm your dad now." I snorted. "But I'm also your mum, so I'm your dom..." He went red. "WAIT SHIT NO!"

I burst out laughing, laughing so much that tears were almost falling down my cheeks.

"Bwhahaha!" I snorted. "I mean it's partly true... daddy?"

"Vikk!!" He whined. "No!!!" I giggled, grinning over at him and watching as he went an even brighter red and almost slammed his head into the staring wheel.

"You got a little problem there?" I giggled again, noticing the ah... bulge... in his pants.

"Yes and it's your fault!" He groaned, elbowing me gently with his long arms.

"Guess what?" I teased. "I ain't gonna do anything about it."

He rolled his eyes, glaring at me.

"When we get home you're so in for it." I spluttered.

"What! You started it!" He raised his eyebrow.

"That was an accident, yours was definitely not an accident." I grinned, so maybe mine wasn't an accident but I liked to tease him and he knew it, so he was inviting it when he said that.

"Maybe, maybe not, but you're still on your own." He rolled his eyes again.

"You're such an asshole."

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