Chapter One。

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"Nice shoes, man."

I slammed my locker, and glared at the taller ginger in front of me.

"Fuck off." I muttered, and walked past him.

I could hear him gasp and question his friend on the lines of "What's his problem?"

What's my problem?

Everyone. I hate people. Everyone is hateful and will always end up hurting you.

And I just don't care about people.

So, I decide not to get close to anyone.

When schooled ended, I drove home and walked inside.

"Hey Hun," my mom smiled as she saw me walk in, "How was school?"

I shrugged to her question. "The same as it usually is." I muttered and rolled my eyes.

"Can you wash the dishes for me? I have a ton of paper work to do, and I would appreciate it." She asked and sighed.

I groaned, "Can't you do it after you finish the paper work? I have homework and I'm not even in the mood to wash dishes."

You're probably saying, 'Wow Levi, you're so disrespectful to your mother.' Am I right? Like I said, I don't care.

She folded her arms across her chest and furrowed her eyebrows, "Levi. You do not say no to your mother. Wash the dishes."

I gave a big, fake cheesy smile, and simply said, "No." And walked up stairs to my room.

I sat down at my desk, and began to turn my laptop on.

I groaned when I heard angry foot steps slam on the stairs as my mother angrily walked up.

She busted my door open, "Levi. I've had it. If you continue on with the way you're acting, I will put you into group therapy."

I looked her way and glared at her, "Do it. I dare you."

。Next Day 。

I stood at the door to the building that had group therapy. Fuck me. I shouldn't have dared my mom, because she definitely dared to.

I looked back at my mom who was in her car looking at me.

I put on another cheeky, fake smile and mouthed a sarcastic, "Love you!"

She faked a smile too, and waved her hand.

I rolled my eyes and turned back around and sighed before I opened the big door. As I walked in, I looked around.

It was all pretty opened. Mostly one big room with about 20 chairs in a big circle that was all in the middle of the big room. There was about that many of people here right now.

Tch, I hate being around so many people at once.

I walked in more, and found a seat and sat down that was in the circle. Maybe if I just quietly walked out, no body would notice me.

The people who were here, we're walking around, socializing and eating some snacks that were lying on the fold up, white tables.

I actually did almost sneak out, when a small bell rung and stopped me. I quietly cursed at the bell, and slouched down into the chair and folded my arms across my chest. Great.

An older man walked in the room and sat down in one of the chairs, and everyone looked at him. I'm assuming that he's the big chief to this group.

"Good morning everyone," he said, smiling. A few people smiled and said it back to him. "Today, we have a new member." He looked at me and made a hand gesture at me to stand. I gave a sour look towards him.

"Please, stand and introduce yourself to the group." He smiled again. I'm really hating that smile.

"Tch." I muttered. I quickly gave a glare to the whole group, and stood up lazily. "I'm Levi Ackerman. I'm here because my mom thinks I'm a little too angry." I said and shrugged and sat back down.

Big ol' chief gave a half smile. He obviously didn't really like the introduction.

"Alright, we'll go ahead and start--" He was cut off by the doors opening loudly, and someone yelling.

"Sorry I'm late! I'm here, I'm here!" A young, tall boy yelled as he ran in.

"It's okay, Eren. Please, take a seat." Big chief he said.

Obviously his name isn't Big Chief. He hasn't shared his name with me, and Big Chief fits him.

The young boy, Eren, sat down beside me. I looked over at him with no emotion. He had medium length brown hair that was all over the place. Big, bright green eyes.

"Hey." He said when he saw me looking.

I gave a sour look, "Tch." And looked away.

I kind of dozed off into space as Big Chief talked and talked to the group. I don't really understand how this is going to help anything.

"So boring." Eren whispered.

I had to agree with him on that one. I nodded to his statement.

I've been getting this feeling of him looking at me throughout the whole therapy.

I looked over at him, and he was already looking right at me. His eyes were huge and innocent looking when I caught him.

"Want a picture instead, brat?" I angrily muttered towards him.

His eyes got wider, and shook his head and looked away and blushed.

I hate people.

。Eren's POV. 。

This guy sitting beside me was different. He was angry, yes, but I can tell he's got something going on.

I'm very easy at reading people. He's not like an open book, so it wasn't easy. I looked at him for awhile, studying him and watching his body behavior.

He had something personal going on, or something happened. That's why he's like this.

I must sound like a witch or some shit. That would be pretty awesome, though.

As I was looking at him, he quickly turned his face towards me and made eye contact with me. He had dark, stormy grey eyes. And they basically looked right through my soul.

"Want a picture instead, brat?" He glared at me.

I was surprised at his harsh statement, and I shook my head and looked away, blushing.

No matter how rude he seemed, there was something about him that made me want to stay beside him. Something told me that I shouldn't leave his side. Why am I feeling that? Towards a guy?

Why him?


Okay, yeah, hi. :)

First story on this account! I have not wrote a story in about 3 years, so this is exciting!

I can't tell if this is short or what. But it's only chapter one. I hope you all enjoyed it, and chapter two will be out very soon!

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