Tasting Cthulhu

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Tasting Cthulhu

       I let you in

           imagined shadows

                         into hollows,

               dark tunnels in dark corners

                                                 and, oh,

     how you hover


   to my sternum

         by thread as invisible

     and sticky

              as spider silk,


      in the name of centrifugal force

                    your body is


           grasping tentacles grasping,

                  tiny suckers

    leaving a trail of

                             o, o, o, O, O, Os

     along calf, forearm, stomach

            your body

  weaves a cocoon, a chrysalis

               into which I curl

    enraptured by




           of muscle

    beneath your cool scales

                               so what

         if your tongue


            like sand paper,

          removes layers of skin,

       I hope

            my blood

  is sweet

              as longing

           as heartache

       as loneliness lingering

               in the twilight hours


   night and day and day and night

        I will sit

  in the abyss

            of your belly, taste

      the wet of your organs,

                        lick the vitreol

                 from your veins,

        suck on your marrow,

    gnaw, chew, eat


             from the inside



             the devourer

             of the devourer

                       how long,

           how long

can we make a game of


          each consuming the other

 in a pirouette of ravenous hunger

            a whirling vortex of

        we ingesting we


Author's Note: So, um, sometimes poetry goes unexpected places. This went there. I was going to sit on this one for a bit, but I'm just going to go ahead and post it (before I second guess myself).

This poem was written in reponse to the prompt "Beautiful Nightmare" from @introspectivemind.

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