One Ear Hears What the Other Does Not

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One Ear Hears What the Other Does Not

From the right, she hears: the clatter

of boots, tennis shoes, high heels on a busy

city street, the chugging of an outdated motor,

the smack of rain on sidewalks, the rattle of keys

dangling from someone's hip pocket, the crackling

of a plastic grocery bag caught in the wind,

the rhythmic thrumming of bass exploding

from a passing car, the interwoven murmurings

of fellow pedestrians, lost in their own discordant worlds.

From the muted left: silence turns inward

to the echoes of the heart's thrumming

in the dark hollow spaces between organs,

the quite hush of breath carrying through

the chambers of lungs, the electrical buzzing

of neurons riding nerve lines, the whisper of words

the mind weaves when she isn't paying attention —

all the quiet cacophony composed

in the inner realms of body and soul.


Note: This poem was written in response to @poetryandpeace's prompt, "Would you mind writing a poem about a girl who is deaf in one ear, and stuff?" Here you go. I hope you enjoy it. :)

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