The Fire of Love

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The Fire of Love

       "Kindle the fire of love and burn away all things,

       then set thy foot into the land of the lovers."

         ~ Bahá'u'lláh

Tonight, the horizon burns ocher with the turning

of the earth away from the sun.

I find am lonely only when I forget to close my eyes

and breath into the warmth behind my chest bone.

The trees, rustling, turn amber in the dimming glow.

A mockingjay mimics the call a cat, yowling in the bushes.

Loneliness is an imagined state, a belief in isolation

instead of the interconnectedness of all things.

A yellow ladybug crawls from a blade of grass

onto the back of my hand, then takes flight.

I am not waiting. I expect no lover to find me. Love is living,

is walking wayward paths and expecting nothing.

Stars struggle to alight in the fabric of the mulberry-hued sky,

while the last sliver of sun vanishes behind evergreen hills.

I will open and witness and allow what is to be to be.

In this way, I discover my lover as I would a bright stone

among grey pebbles, as an unexpected offering. I will

discover a blurring of desires like day melting into night.

But the ensuing dark is cool and comforting,

and everything is now, and is just as it should be.


Note: This poem was written in response to @MatthewJade's prompt, which was the quote presented at the beginning of the poem. I don't know that I fully captured the concept of the quote (which is quite poetic in and of itself), but this is what it inspired me to write.

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