Author's Note: Poetry Project Rules and Such

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Edited to Add: The Poetry Project is closed to new prompts as of April 30th.

I love poetry — reading it and creating it – therefore I've decided to start this little project.

1. Post a prompt (either a word or a short phrase) as a comment to this page or to the overall book page. (I can work with anything -- shooelace, blue, tinkle, dog poop -- so don't be shy.) Please only post one prompt at a time.

2. How often I post a new poem will depend entirely on my available time in accordance with what other projects I have going and my work schedule, which may be daily, weekly, or monthly.

3. I cannot guarantee to post a poem for every prompt that is posted, though I will try. Reasons for not responding to a prompt may include my lack of time, or becayse I already responded to a similar prompt, or it did not immediately inspire me (which means I may go back to it later).


Sample Poem:

Head to Pillow

Too many thoughts jam the corridors
of my mind, synapses throwing a techno rave,
all neon and black lights behind my eyelids
with the thumping drum of my heartbeat
to underscore the symphony of to-dos
and what-to-says keeping me awake.

Breathe in, breathe out, and I embrace
each reveling idea and send it away
to sleep it off in whatever subconscious alleyways
and dark corners they can find. I tell them to shut up,
turn down the volume, switch off the lights,
and finally slip into the dark oblivion of sleep.


Note: The above poem was writen as a part of the National Poetry Writng Month (Napowrimo) 2012 30 Poems in 30 Days Challenge and was written in response to the Poetic Asides prompt, "write a fade out poem" (

It was originally posted on my tumblr:

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