Behind These Parapets

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Behind These Parapets

her smile is the mortar,

each "I'm sorry" and "Excuse me,"

each "Thank you", each "You're so sweet"

another brick in her facade, another

strengthening of fortifications

her eyes are parapets,

behind which she waits and safely watches

you, an enemy attempting to climb

her ramparts with mocking and lies,

laughing and unaware of the arrows

she unleashes with each sideways glance

her walls are thick,

built upon sturdy foundations

rooted deep into the bedrock of her soul

she is a warrior

in gleaming armor,

presenting courtly love to her Lady

and her Lady is herself,

whom she honors

with all due respect and devotion

hers is a knighthood of the mind,

and she will ride forth, jousting,

fighting with a lion's roar

any who would seek to shame her Lady love

if she be struck down, she will rise

and stand again, bleeding but strong,

noble in her purpose, brave and true

to her inner oaths, she will never quit,

never fail to stand and defend until

her last breath exhales onto the battlefield calle life  


Note: This poem was inspired by a prompt offered by justa_nobody12: "Wall. Like a person feeling like a wall".

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