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"You're joking, right?" I grinned. Niall motioned for the nurse to bring me over. The nurse obliged, then ran from the room to inform someone of the news. Niall took my hand and kissed it, over and over again. "Why? How?" I said meekly, blushing from the affection. 

"That muffin. It's cocolate chip." He smiled like that explained everything. I laughed, crying at the same time. So many tears, I was going to run dry soon. I didn't care. I laid my head on his bed, and Niall moved his hand to stroke my hair. We both sucked in deep breaths at the same time.

"Jess. I took you for granted. I realize now that I have so much to be thankful for. Oh my god, Jess I'm so sorry this happened. I should've been more careful I.." I grimaced at the mention of the event. I was confused. We both thought it was our faults?  Speaking of that...

"What actually happened, Niall? I just, remeber seeing the car, and waking up in a bloody hell." I watched as Niall grimaced as well.

"Well. This is a mixture of what I remember and what I've been told. There was a drunk driver speeding past a red light, and we were in that intersection. The impact was on your side of the car..and we spun out off the road into the ditch.. I opened up your door and pushed you out of the seat." His voice cracked  " I'm so sorry, Jess."  I looked at him.  I remembered the picture of the car when I woke in so much pain. I vaguely remembered the passenger seat being crushed by the hard ground underneath it, as it was on its side.

He saved me. "Oh my god, Niall."

"Jess. I love you." It didn't register for a moment. He said it. Those three words. 

"I love you, too. So much." I wanted to kiss him, but my condition prohibited the action. We settled for looking into eachothers eyes.

Another thought crossed my mind. "Where were you taking me that day?" I asked him, and he smiled, a lbrighter face than a moment ago.

"I'll show you when we get out of here." He winked and I chuckled. After all this, I still felt like a little schoolgirl around him. 

"But.. it wasn't my fault?" I felt like a pest, asking questions. Niall looked taken aback. 

"Jess.. Why would you think it was your fault?" 

"I.. uh.. checked twitter, is all. Really. They said that it was all my fault you were hurt, and I didn't know if it was, so I came down to your room, where I greatly overreacted to your temporary amnesia." I chuckled and brushed it off. Niall's face looked shocked and angry. 

"Why would they blame you?" He practically growled to himself. He moved to grab his phone from  by his leg. He unlocked it and clicked on what I assumed to be twitter. I watched his eyebrows furrow, and then I heard the clicking of his fingers on the keyboard. He whispered the words to himself as he typed. "Guys, you are being very rude to Jess. It was a drunk driver. I suggest you apologize. Thanks for support!xx" He hit enter, and looked up from his phone, looking quite happy with himself. 

There was a knock on the doorframe of the room, and the boys walked in. Liam waved.

"Hey Mates. When do you think you guys are getting out of here?" He looked.. kind of excited.

"Uhm, like a week?" Niall said thoughtfully. "Why?"

"We got a concert!" Zayn grinned like a goof. I laughed softly at their excitement.

"Shouldn't concerts be like, old new for you guys?" They all shook their heads, and Louis bobbed up and down, obviously the most excited.

"They never get old!" All five boys said with pride.  Even Niall had a buzzing grin on his face. 

"Well okay, then." I smiled back at them.

------------------------- UNO week later---------

I sat in the front row, my giant leg cast strectched out in front of me. My crutches were also leaned against my seat. Directioners were standing up all around me, chattering and about to die fangirling. Somehow, I could see the stage clearly from my seat. I saw Paul from the corner of my eye, whom I had met today on the drive over. I waved at him, and he winked back casually. Justine and Liv were on either side of me, graciously sitting in cheap plastic seat with me, as I couldn't be standing up for 2 hours straight.

"So have you ever even seen them live?" Justine asked, her eyebrow raising slightly. 

"Nope, just listened to their music once or twice with my sister. And Niall." I added the last detail with a smile at the memory. 

"Me either. I'm excited though, I always thought Zayn was shhmexxy." She made some kind of 'me gusta' face and started laughing, Liv and I joining her.

"I think Harry is cute." Liv added, shrugging. Justine frowned slightly at Liv.

"Nah, never liked him much. Whatever though." Justine shrugged, mirroring Liv.

Soon the lights were dimming, and the large red curtain parted sideways. We sat in the dark, waiting for something to happen. Eventually, huge lights turned on slowly on the corners of the stage. Confetti jets burst into the air with a bang , making everyone jump, then grin helplessly. One by one, the figures of five boys were outlined on the slate surface.

A chorus of five beautiful boys filled the room.

I,   I  wanna save ya, wanna save your heart tonight....

All of the lights turned on in a flash, and there they were, tapping their feet and moving their shoulders. Niall had a black sling around his arm, but he didn't let it bother him. If it did, he didn't show it. The song continued and eventually the beat changed to a slightly slower one. The beat was lively, and it made me want to close my eyes and sway to the lyrics.

From the moment I met you, everything changed. I had to get you, whatever the pain. 

I listened to the song, thoughtfully floating in the music. Niall's voice woke me from my daze.

It hurts me to think that you've ever cried..

Justine leaned and whispered in my ear, "That's ironic, because his voice makes me want to cry." I laughed at her comment, and laughed even more when I realized I was wiping tears of my own off my cheek.

Louis had switched it up a bit I noticed. He sported electric blue pants instead of the usual cherry red.  They all looked amazing up there, smiling into their microphones, singing about how they wanted to save every girl in this room. Niall looked over at me, and his grin widened.I felt like his voice was going right through me, and I shivered, looking into his eyes. He lifted a muscular arm and pointed at me. I probably sound like a fan girl, but I felt like I was melting. 

No shame. 

The entire concert was a blast and I danced around in my plastic seat, Justine and Liv being pals and staying with me. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world despite everything. Apparently though, I danced a bit to much, because suddenly I felt myself falling backwards. 

After a hard impact to the floor, everyone around me clearing, A girl comes over and looks down at me. 

"Are you okay? Here let me help you-- Oh MY GOD. EVERYONE, ITS JESSICA!" Instantly heads turned and I struggled to sit straight. Justine and Liv balanced my chair once again, but my head throbbed a bit. I held my hand protectively over my crutches.. just incase. There was chatter of my name as the music still played, and I was starting to get a bit nervous. Someone tapped my shoulder and I spun around. I probably looked at them like a deer in headlights.

"Oh, can I have your autograph?" A hippie looking girl smiled at me sweetly. I smiled at her and nodded, but inside I was gaping. A group of three or so more lined up behind her, smiling just as brightly.

Since when was I famous?  I looked at Liv, whose face showed a cross between surprised and jealous. I gave her a halfhearted smile, not really sure what was going on.

 I signed a scribble on somebodys shirt that somehow resembled 'fesslie,' and wondered what I was going to do.

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