Jasper's POV

When I first picked up the phone and heard the news, I didn't know how to react. Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted a kid. I never really had a dad, so I wanted to be the best dad a kid could have.

At the same time, I realised how hard this was going to be for both of us. I was 17, she was 16. We were both starting our lives as adults, but we had a baby on the way.

A part of me was horrified that she might decide to abort it, but I also thought that that might be easier on Hannah, because I knew that she wouldn't be able to go to university, or get a job...

"I'm coming over there," I said into the mouth piece, "I love you." It was true. I did love her. I had been scared that she didn't love me, or that she thought that I was just doing this for the physical aspect. That was not true, so I spent nearly 4 years trying to prove that to her. It was hard.

She was absolutely gorgeous, but she didn't think so. She always pouted slightly when she looked in the mirror, or brushed her hair a different way. It was quite adorable. She was an average size, pretty skinny.

Her mom had always told her that she was ugly and fat and was not good enough.Hannah always got beat for that. After phoning the school board about the problem, they gave her a loan to live in an apartment instead.

I never told Hannah that I had called the school. I didn't think it was important.

I sighed, making up my mind about what I wanted to do. I would buy some flowers, go over to her apartment, formally apologise as soon as she opened the door, and ask her to marry me. I nodded with satisfaction as I drove toward the flower store.

I bought the nicest roses in the store and drove off again.

I buzzed Hannah's apartment and she unlocked the door for me. I went up in the elevator to the 3rd floor, clutching the flowers tightly.

I knocked lightly on the door, heart pounding.

She opened the thick wood door. Her expression was surprised as she saw the flowers. She looked so vulnerable... so adorable. Her hair was a mess, her clothes were loose. She had gained a few pounds over the past few weeks due to the pregnancy, but she carried it well. Her eyes were confused, in total, they were worried, joyous, heartbroken, hurt and ecstatic.

She was so beautiful, that my plan went down the toilet. I wrapped my arms around her, and pressed my lips onto hers. My foot swung out and kicked the door closed. She was surprised, so she stood still for a moment, then she leaned in, her body pressed against mine. I forgot why I was here. I forgot everything but her.


Now, here I was, standing in a doctor's office, recalling the events of the day that changed our lives. Dr. Robertson's brow was furrowed in concentration as he ran a few tests. Hannah was lying on a white hospital bed with the blue gel still on her stomach.

She smiled at me briefly. I loved that smile. I loved the picture I saw of our little baby. I loved the way she cried when she heard the heartbeat. She was mine, and I loved that. I loved her.

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