Annabelle's POV

Hannah Love. Damn her last name. Everybody loved her. Including me. More than I thought. She was an angel. She was gorgeous. I'm catholic. I'm not supposed to love girls, but I do. I love Hannah. Hannah Love.

Ever since kindergarten, all the boys liked her. No girl had a chance if Hannah was in the same class. She was so beautiful, that all the girls wanted to be her friend, so that some of her angelic charm would rub off on them. The teachers always favoured Hannah, because she got the best grades, and she was by far the cutest kid.

At one point, I had a chance in hell of actually getting a boyfriend, and we got together. After a week of being in a relationship, he noticed Hannah. He dumped me soon after and went to ask Hannah out. She politely declined, without realising the harm it did to my self esteem.

When we went to Church, I went to confess. I confessed my sin as a lesbian. The man behind the screen offered no advise, but told me to leave.

I sat at home and thought about Hannah. I went on facebook, and saw her profile picture. It was a picture of her showing off her stomach. Her cover photo was Jasper and her kissing on a Ferris wheel at night.

My stomach rolled with jealousy. She was always so happy around Jasper. Any man... or I would take Jasper's place in a heartbeat. But he was her everything. Her one true love. How could I deny that? Wasn't her happiness enough for me? Of course not. I was too selfish.

I wasn't sure how I could handle this.

Jasper's POV

She was perfect. I lay across from her on our soft bed studying her face. Her hair was a perfect chocolate brown with caramel mixed in it... soft tones of honey and vanilla stood out when she moved. Her eyelashes were long and dark, her lips a perfect supple pink. Her skin was creamy with hints of rose in her cheeks. Her hand, resting on my face, was long and slender, her engagement ring was slipped perfectly onto her finger. Even as she slept, her movements were the definition of graceful. Her curves were unbearably sexy... she was an angel. I don't know how or why she was sent to me, but she was my angel. I loved her.

Her violet eyes opened gracefully, fluttering once or twice. Her perfect soft lips opened wide in a yawn, and her sweet scent wafted out to me as she stretched. She cocked her head at my dazzled axpression and leaned down. She kissed me, her lips meeting mine, and they molded together. Her lips were soft, and my arms reached up behind her neck, and I held her head against mine. We stayed like that for a few moments, holding each other.

We bothed stopped at the same moment.

"Did you feel that?" she asked me, her hand dropping to her pregnant stomach. I nodded slowly. Her beautiful eyes filled with tears as she grinned. Her teeth were a perfect dazzling white as her lips molded around them... but this was not a moment to be thinking about Hannah's perfections, this was a family time. The baby kicked. Our baby. I realised that this baby was a part of both of us. I hoped the baby looked like Hannah. I hoped the baby was as perfect as she was.

Before I even thought about it, I kissed her pregnant stomach, my mind was picturing a small Hannah, a baby angel. Our baby angel.

Hannah smiled at me through her tears of joy. I had no idea how it felt to have someone as special as our baby kick you from inside, but I knew she would love it. I knew I loved it, and I just felt it second hand.

"I love you," I whispered, staring up into Hannah's perfect eyes.

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